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A typical black iron pipe installation has many 90-degree, tee, and coupling fittings. These fittings are used each time you change directions or join two pieces of straight pipe together. Each of the cast fittings can be the source of a leak. What's more, the threaded joints on both sides of the fitting can also be potential leak points.

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STANDARD TUBING Stainless Steel Seamless Tubing and Tube Support Systems Fractional, Metric, and Imperial Sizes 316 / 316L and 304 / 304L stainless steel Standard instrumentation tubing 1/8 to 2 in. and 3 to 25 mm sizes Marked to indicate size, material, specifications, and heat code

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Parker offers the widest range of specialty, industrial, hybrid and hydraulic hose in the industry. Our comprehensive line includes low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic hoses that are resistant to heat, ozone, weather, chemicals, oil, flames, UV and abrasion. Parker is the largest hose manufacturer in the world and provides an engineered solution to all of ...

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reliable and easier to service. Three types of threads are used for parallel thread ports: • UN/UNF (SAE straight thread) • BSPP (British Standard Pipe, Parallel) • Metric parallel Because parallel threads only serve one function (i.e. holding the fitting in place), some other means of sealing is always

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With a larger selection of hydraulic hose, and more fitting sizes and configurations than any other manufacturer, Parker's Hose Products Division (HPD) leads the industry in providing hydraulic and industrial hose products, hose fittings, hose assemblies and hydraulic hose crimpers, plus superior customer service for a variety of industry applications.

Parker Engineering Your Success Motion Control Technology

Parker Engineering Your Success Motion Control Technology

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17-12-2020· A soft tubing compression fitting (STC) consists of two parts, the main part is the base and it's very similar to the standard barb fitting, but it has an additional thread. The other part is the locking ring which screws on to the base of the fitting and it prevents the tubing from slipping off the barb.

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Quality standards are defined as documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services are fit for their purpose. Standards provide organizations with the shared vision, understanding, procedures, and vocabulary needed to meet the expectations of their stakeholders.

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Goodyear Standard Nylon Barrier Hose: Galaxy #4824 Hose: Evaporator and Drain Hose: Refrigerant - Standard PART No. SIZE INTERNAL DIAMETER TYPE ROLL SIZE HO-21062 No. 6 8 mm - 5/16" Standard Hose BULK (MINIMUM ORDER: 5 METRES) HO-21062-15 No. 6 8 mm - 5/16" Standard Hose 15 METRE ROLL HO-21062-25 No. 6 8 mm - 5/16" Standard Hose 25 METRE ROLL HO-21082 No. 8 10 mm - 13/32" Standard …

5 Pipe Fittings, Joints and Valves

socket, reducer, etc., are fitted to change the direction of flow, distribute the water supply from the main pipe to other pipes of equal size or lower size, etc. Any part used in connection with water supply, distribution, measurement, controlling, use and disposal of water is known as a pipe fitting (Fig. 5.2). Type of Fittings 1. Collar 2 ...


d-19 (2 of 2) water mains crossing under sewers and house drains d-20 (1 of 2) general notes water main contracts d-20 (2 of 2) general notes water main contracts – con't d-23 new copper 1-inch water service standard meter vault d-24 new copper 1.5 n. & 2 in. water service standard meter vault

Basic Fitting Types for Connecting PEX Plumbing Pipe

19-07-2019· PEX crimp fittings are the standard type of fitting used in PEX systems. A large variety of fittings are available to make PEX-to-PEX connections, as well as transitions to other pipe materials. Most crimp fittings are made of brass (manufactured to ASTM F1807 standards), but poly-alloy crimp fittings (sometimes called poly-plastic ) are also available (manufactured to ASTM F2159 standards).

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01-01-2012· The SAE standards. SAE answers those questions with its J517 hydraulic hose standard. This hose standard serves as the most popular benchmark in the realm of industrial hydraulics today. More specifically, J517 is a set of guidelines that applies to the current SAE 100R series of hoses.

Installing Cylinder Sleeves | KnowYourParts

Installing a repair sleeve can often save the block if a cylinder has excessive taper wear, or is cracked, scored or otherwise damaged, and boring out the damaged cylinder. Likewise, to restore the cylinders to like-new dimensions, all the cylinders in the block can be re-sleeved if …

An Installer's Pocket Guide for Swagelok® Tube Fittings ...

fitting until the front ferrule seats against the fitting body; rotate the nut finger-tight . 4 . Mark the nut at the 6 o'clock position . 5 . While holding the fitting body steady, tighten the nut one-half turn to the 12 o'clock position . Use the Swagelok MHSU gap inspection gauge to ensure that the fitting has been tightened sufficiently.

The Basics of Compression Fittings - Beswick Engineering

Parker Hannifi n Corporation • O-Ring Division I 2360 Palumbo Drive, Lexington, KY 40509 Phone: (859) 269-2351 † Fax: (859) 335-5128 Parker O-Ring Handbook 50th Anniversary Edition Since its initial release in 1957, the Parker O-Ring Handbook has become a fi xture on the reference shelves of engineers worldwide.

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Section 6.1 of the Code of Standard Practice states: "The fabricator shall be able to demonstrate by written procedure and actual practice a method of material identification, visible up to the point of assembling members." The Code goes on to describe in further detail the requirements. 2.1.2.

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Conventional JIS standard for 1-inch steering column, threaded and threadless EC29 30.0–30.1mm 30.2mm Interference fit Conventional "Euro" standard for 1-inch steering column, conventional threaded and threadless: EC30 33.8–33.9mm 34.0mm Interference fit Conventional 1-1/8 inch for threadless and threaded: EC34 36.8–36.9mm 37mm

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Filter Regulators. Parker offers a range of air-line, pressure high flow and single phase regulators for instrumentation, filtration, refrigeration and pneumatic applications. Instrumentation regulators are used in the process, power, oil, gas and semiconductor industries to control the flow of liquids and gases with speed and precision.

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