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BSP - Prochem

Prochem manufactures a complete range (from 6 (1⁄8") – 100 (4") NB) of BSP tapered, BSP parallel sealing and BSP fastening threads for a variety of applications, in Class 150 and 3000.

Smith-Blair - The Leader In Pipe Repair Solutions

Smith-Blair Flanged Coupling Adapters (FCA) provide versatility on the job site by eliminating the need for a flanged spool. Our FCAs combine a flexible coupling and flange to create a compact fitting connecting plain-end pipe to flanged fittings, meters, valves or equipment.

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Pipe Flanges: Pipe Couplings & Jonting: PVC PIPE & Fittings: PVC Pressure Fittings: HDPE Polyethylene Piping: HDPE Pipe Fittings: Irrigation Products: Pumps: Valves - General Purpose: Valves Industrial: Valves - Waterworks: Valves PVC & PP: Pipe Working Tools: Plumbing Products : Watermeters: Civils Products: Fire / Petrol Products

Grooved Versus Flanged Connections | Pumps & Systems

May 24, 2012· The use of additional couplings, whether flexible or rigid, will further reduce the transmission of vibration. System vibration and other forces can lead to joint problems in a flanged system. Flanging employs a series of bolts and nuts to compress a gasket between two flat-faced, flanged pipe ends.

LOKRING Technology: Fluid and Gas Transfer Connectors

Difference. When you need a better fluid or gas connection, Lokring has the right solutions for you. We make the most advanced fluid connectors on the market. Our high quality products are designed to meet your demanding specifications.

Camlock Fittings - Camlock Couplings - Cam and Groove Fittings

In addition to the standard Hose Cam Lock Coupling, we offer special types of reducing Cam Lock Pipe Fittings and Spool Adapters as well as KC nipples and stainless steel ball valves. When selecting the proper Cam and Groove Couplings, it is important to be mindful of the chemical compatibility of the process fluid and process temperature.

9 Types of Pipe Flanges – A complete Guide for Engineer

These flanges are available in weld neck, slip-on, and threaded end types. Reducing flanges are an economical way to make transitions between pipes of different sizes, however, due to high-pressure loss, they are rarely used in piping. ASME B16.5 covers the dimensions of reducing flanges.

Flange coupling adapter vs. flange by MJ adapter. - Water ...

Mar 20, 2017· The word "adapter" or adaptor is (IMHO) a sort of generic or proprietary device term, that does however imply a conversion of a factory or cut pipe spigot end to an in some configuration simulated flanged end (e.g. to allow a flanged piping or valve etc. item to be inserted into the line, and/or perhaps also in "field-adaptable" or cut-to-suit fashion, to also precisely locate the flanged end ...

PRODUCT CATALOG Flexible Gas Piping Systems for …

AutoSnap Flange Fitting 3/4″ FGP-SRFG-750 3/4″ 8/box 0.7 AutoSnap Flange Fitting 1″ FGP-SRFG-1000 1″ 8/box 0.9 AutoSnap Flange Fitting 1¼″ FGP-SRFG-1250 1¼″ 4/box 2.0 Straight Fitting Brass Split Rings Brass Reducing Fitting Brass Straight Fitting Brass Coupling Brass Wallbox with Valve Flange Fitting Brass and Stainless ...

What are the Differences Between Flexible Couplings ...

Apr 04, 2016· With so many types of flexible couplings on the market, designers need to understand the differences between them to ensure that they make the right selection for an application.

Flange Adaptors and Couplings | Total Pipeline Speci...

Our range of flange adaptors benefit from a broad tolerance for use with a variety of materials. The adaptor can be fitted to a grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and fibre cement pipes, and also to steel or PVC tubes. The range of adapters is available for continuous lengths of pipe with exterior diameters between DE 49 mm and 348 mm, and a PFA ...

Pipeline Connection Fittings & Couplings Manufacturer ...

Mar 01, 2021· Connections between different types of pipe within the same nominal size are simple and quick with JCM bolted couplings and flanged adapters provide a means of inserting valves and equipment. JCM provides custom designs and optional materials to furnish the exact fitting for your system connection needs.


Adapters and 181-228 Tube Fittings Section Pages Swivel Joints 229-244 Flexmaster Joints 245-260 FLOCS® 261-267 Section Pages Quick Disconnect 268-345 Couplings Access., Equipment & 346-393 Assembly Instructions Technical Data 394-433 RETURN TO CONTENTS PAGE

Hydraulic Flanges and Components - Parker

Adapter M24 WSD Code 61, 62 / Weld Saddle M25 GQS Square Flange / NPT M25 W5SQS Square Flange / Weld Socket – Pipe M26 PQ Code 61, 62 / Blank M26 SPGG5 Flange Spacer w/Gage Ports M27 CP Flange Connector Plate M27 BUVQ1 Code 61 / Flareless M28 LOVQ Code 61, 62 / ORFS M28 XVQ Code 61, 62 / 37° Flare M28 45° Flange Adapters F5OHQ Code 61, 62 ...


Pipe restraint products including MJ restraint, mechanical joint, gripring, Romagrip lug style restraint, split restrainer, Alpha restrained joint, wide range coupling products for ductile iron, PVC and HDPE pipe.

Flange Adapter | Teekay Couplings

Teekay Flange Adaptors make the installation of pumps and valves quicker and easier. Simply bolt the flange adaptor on to the existing flange and fasten the coupling over the join between the flange adaptor and plain end pipe. This creates a useful maintenance point in the future: undo the bolts on the coupling rather than the nuts on the ...

Large Diameter Stepped Coupling - Features and Benefits ...

Couplings can offer up to 6° of angular deflection, flange adaptors 3° - to allow for the connection of misaligned pipes; take up ground settlement at structures; lay pipes to large radius bends. Flange adaptors are often used to permit dismantling of valves in flanged pipe systems.

ISO B Quick Connects | ISO B 7241 Quick Couplers ...

ISO 7241 B Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Couplers ISO B quick connect couplers are used in many medium and high pressure hydraulic applications. ISO B couplers are equivalent to, and interchange with, the Parker 60 Series of couplers as well as with couplers from …

Victaulic Style 341 Flange Adapter - Flange Adapters Fittings

Style 341. Designed for direct connection of flanged components into a grooved cast or ductile system. Designed for Class 53 or higher pipe. Sizes from 3 - 24" | DN80 - DN600

Industrial Supplier - Dresser Couplings, Fittings, Flanges ...

IndusTrial Supply that takes the waiting out of wanting! Trupply is the leading Pipes, Flange & Fittings industrial supplier for construction, petrochemical and oilfield customers because we offer competitive prices, superior product knowledge and hassle-free ordering.

Pipe Fittings and Port Adapters - Parker

4300 Catalog Pipe Fittings and Port Adapters Dimensions and pressures for reference only, subject to change. *Class 2A or 2B Table G1 — Thread Conformance Standards Table G2 — Standard Material Specifications for Industrial Pipe Fittings and Adapters Introduction This Section contains adapters with thread types including:


Fabricated steel flange coupling adapter. Used to join plain-end pipe to flanges. Nominal Sizes 12 - 96 inches. Working Pressure See product submittal. Pipe Compatibility Steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic and other types of pipe

What is difference between coupler and a flange? - Quora

May 07, 2021· Pipe couplings connect two pipes or tubes together of equal or differing sizes. If the two pipes have different sizes, a reducing coupler or adapter must be used. The couplers shown above are threaded. In a flanged coupling, a flange is welded to ...

Difference Between Flange Adaptor and Dismantling Joint ...

Feb 16, 2013· We are in water carbon steel pipe line projet with this spec. pipe according to Api 5L Gr 52. 80 in dia. 9.53 mm thikness. working pressure 9 bar. in the valve champer which beter to install flange adaptor or dismantling joint.. and is there a specific direction for the flange adaptor while installation (in the diriction of the flow or the opposite direction).

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