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Buttweld Fittings Buttweld Fittings acc. to DIN EN 10253 42 – 45 Materials for Buttweld Fittings acc. to DIN 2609 46 General standard of Buttweld Fittings acc. to ASME B 16.9 47 Tolerances acc. to ASME B 16.9 48 Pipes and tubes Steel piping – impressive expertise 10 –11 Standards comparison: Pipes acc. to …


07-06-2019· The dezincification corrosion was due to the high concentration of internal deposits, hot water temperature, water pH and chloride content, possible stagnant or low flow conditions early in the fitting life, and the use of a brass material susceptible to this form of corrosion (copper alloy 36000, leaded brass).

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01-08-2014· Standard Malleable Pipe Fittings Class 150 Pressure / Temperature Ratings General Dimensions / In Inches These dimensions apply to all standard malleable banded fittings, both straight and reducing. Length of thread also applies to plain fittings. For center-to-face dimensions, see fittings tables. Ward Class 150 Malleable Iron Fittings are made with the

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12-12-2012· Its temperature range is –325° to 400° F (–198° to 204° C). An alloy primarily of copper and zinc, brass is typically used for smaller compression and threaded fittings because of its high machinability. Brass is not recommended for temperatures exceeding 400° F because it becomes soft and exhibits lower strength at these temperatures.

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Allowable Operating Temperature = -40°C to +150°C Allowable Operating Pressure = 0 to 4,800 kPag (0 to 700 psig) Sealing Integrity Features • Premium quality PTFE ball seals. • Double O-ring stem seal design. • Premium quality neoprene stem O-ring seals • Neoprene cap seal (on new line) Features • …

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Piping class or Pipe Class is a document that specifies the type of the components such as a type of pipe, schedule, material, flange ratings, branch types, valve types and valve trim material, gasket, and all the other components specific requirements to be used for different fluids under different operating conditions in a plant.

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Temperature Ratings System temperatures may be limited by the thread sealant or, when applicable, the gasket or O-ring material. Fitting Materials Gasket, O-Ring Materials Material Maximum Temperature °F (°C) 316 stainless steel 1000 (537) Carbon steel 375 (190) Brass 400 (204) 6-Moly 600 (315) Alloy 625 1000 (537) Alloy 825 800 (426) Alloy 2507 482 (250)

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C464 - (Naval Brass) Excellent for hot forming and adapts well to hot forging and pressing. Good for drawing, forming, bending and heading. It is readily soldered, brazed and welded. Excellent corrosion resistance to seawater at all temperature ranges while maintaining strength and rigidity.

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01-08-2014· Temp F˚ PSI-20 TO 150 300 200 265 250 225 300 185 350 150 366 150 Standard Malleable Pipe Fittings Class 150 Pressure / Temperature Ratings General Dimensions / In Inches These dimensions apply to all standard malleable banded fittings, both straight and reducing. Length of thread also applies to plain fittings. For center-to-

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Temperatures by Colour ... Corrosion Ratings of Copper and 70/30 Dr Brass ... AS 4809 Copper pipe and fittings- Installation and commissioning. 9 Other Relevant Standards STANDARD DESCRIPTION AS/NZS 3500 National plumbing and drainage AS 2419.1 Fire hydrant installations - …

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ANSI B16.5 - Steel Pipe Flanges - Pressure and Temperature Ratings - Group 1.2 - Pressure (psig) and temperature ratings for steel pipe flanges and flanged fittings ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME is one of the leading organizations in the world developing codes and standards

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Wrought and cast pressure fittings have the same pressure-tem-perature ratings as straight lengths of annealed Type L tube. Ratings for annealed tube are used because hard temper tube is annealed during the brazing process. Annealing does not occur with the lower-temperature …

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Looking for brass fittings? Visit Fairview Fittings and browse a collection of over 15,000 quality industrial products.

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Forged 316SS Pipe Fittings Socket Weld-ANSI B16.11 2000/3000. Forged Steel Pipe Fittings NPT ... Lead-Free Brass Pipe Fittings. PVC / PVDF Pipe Fittings - Sch 40 & 80. Retail Packaged Brass Pipe Fittings. ... Flo-Temp and Injection Mold Quick Connects. Hansen HKIG and HKIL Quick Connects.

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maximum 300psi at temperatures up to 300˚C. Pressure Rating The pressure rating designation of KITZ valves follows the accepted practice of today's valve and pipe fitting industry. Each product is rated for W.O.G. (Non-shock cold water, oil, and gas*) and …


1. Always start with a preliminary heating of pipe and fitting accord-i ng to section d. on previous page. Bring pipe and fitting to a black heat only. 2. After preliminary heating, select a 2" segment and bring pipe and fitting to brazing temperature by wiping flame from back of bead of fitting towards pipe, Fig. 16. When segment is up to tem-

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pressure/temperature ratings on equivalent schedule (wall thickness) of straight seamless piping less mill tolerance (e.g., ASME B16.11). The ratings of these components are addressed in the piping specifications provided in Appendix A. If these components are used outside the limits established in the piping specification additional

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Brass has higher malleability than bronze or zinc. The relatively low melting point of brass (900 to 940 °C, 1,650 to 1,720 °F, depending on composition) and its flow characteristics make it a relatively easy material to cast. By varying the proportions of copper and zinc, the properties of the brass can be changed, allowing hard and soft brasses.

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