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You will get an extensive range of pipe fittings, flanges, fasteners and other spare parts for construction projects or industrial machinery. Our team will ensure the quality and lead time. All of pipe fittings are certified by API, CE and ISO 9001.

현대제철 스틸파이프 영문 V5 ... - STEEL

steel products guide steel pipe certificate certificate no. certificate name symbol scope license no acquired date issued by iso 9002 iso9002 - manufacture of mepol pre-insulated pipes,coated pipes, welded pipes and tubes 955816 96.11.5 (93.10.18) lrqa 14001 iso14001 - site activities associated with the manufacture of steel and coated ...

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C&N pipeline aim to be an influential supplier in global pipeline fields,all efforts just focus on one thing,we are concentrating on pipeline one stop solution Our work team have been in pipeline fields more than twenty years,with abundant experiences and resources accumulated these years.We established quick response regulation and strict quality control system.

Quality Certificate(Mill Test Certificate) Archives - Pipe ...

Flange,pipe fittings are supplied with MTC EN 10204 3.1 mill test certificate,EN10204 3.2 certificate also can be provided


Quality management system, certification, ... Hot dip zinc coating of steel pipes ... Buttwelding steel pipe fittings Page 94 Submerged arc longitudinal welded steel tubes and pipes Page 102 Summary of technical delivery conditions for groups of tubes according to purpose of application see page 124. 6

Galvanized Steel Pipe - Threeway Steel

Contact Now. Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd. Address: 22nd Floor, Royal Wing Tower, Long Champ International Building, No.9 Xiangfu Road, Changsha, Hunan, China, PC: 410116


MANUAL FOR CERTIFICATION OF STEEL PIPES, TUBES AND FITTINGS, 1239 (Pt. 2), 1978, 3589, 3601, 4270, 4923, 5504, 6392 & 9295] FIRST ISSUE FORWORD The present manual attempts in highlighting requirements of various products relating to steel tubes and fittings thereof for providing handy and significant information related to relevant products.


Kingmetal is a professional steel group company in manufacturing and selling of pipe fitting. We have our own big factory and cooperation factory with modern machine lines to make high quality products. Our fittings include elbows, tees, reducers, caps, stub …

Pipe Fittings Inspection, Testing & Marking

Pipe Fitting Inspection is carried out during the manufacturing of fittings. Various Inspection & Testing are carried out on pipe fitting to ensure the quality of the product. Hydrotest for Pipe Fittings. Hydrostatic Test Not required for pipe fittings unless specifically requested by the purchaser

Pipe Fittings & Steel Nipples

Pipe Fitting Product Line UÊ > i>L iÊ À Ê* «iÊ ÌÌ }Ã Threaded Fittings Class 150 (Standard) Class 300 (XS/XH) UÊ >ÃÌÊ À Ê* «iÊ ÌÌ }Ã Threaded Fittings Class 125 (Standard) Class 250 (Extra Heavy) Flanged Fittings Class 125 (Standard) Class 250 (Extra Heavy) Drainage Fittings UÊ- > Ê-Ìii Ê ÌÌ }Ã

Piping Field Inspection Checklist - High Quality Safety ...

Piping Field Inspection Checklist Document No. 2904-FIC-PIP-0001 Rev No. 0 2 of 2 ACCEPT N/A 2 Check clearances for pipe expansion at the anchor locations, shoes are properly positioned in relation to support and allow for expansion.

Pipe Inspection,Testing & Marking Requirements to …

Pipe Inspection is a continuous process during manufacturing. Different types of inspection and testing are performed on a pipe to ensure the quality of the pipes. Refer to the list given below for the types of inspection performed on a pipe.

Pipe Fittings (MS-01-147;rev R;en-US;Catalog)

Pipe Fittings 3 PIPE FITTINGS Features All fittings have a high-quality appearance. Every fitting is marked with manufacturer's name for easy source tracing. Male threads are capped for protection. Straight fittings are manufactured from quality bar stock for strength.


Because of the high quality steel, coated or non coated, it will age in the same way as all the other products in the system and no difference in design will occur. This product is made of precoated galvanized steel in 0,6mm thickness (except for Magestic, which is a non coated material).


manufacturing high quality steel pipe for boilers and heat ... Using their ample knowledge and experience, JFE Steel Corporation has installed up-to-date manufacturing and inspection facilities at Chita Works. Furthermore, Chita ... Start of production of cast high speed steel rolls. ISO 9001 certification (pipe).

Hot Dip Galvanized Pipe - Steel Pipe Fittings

Product: hot dip galvanized steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe for industry use, galvanized scaffolding pipe for construction Application: Used for transporting low pressure liquid, gas and heating. Specification: OD: 21.3mm ~ 406.4mm WT: 0.5mm ~ 20mm LENGTH: 0.3mtr ~ 18mtr, Ramdon Length, Fixed Length, SRL, DRL

INSPECTION - American Galvanizers Association

INSPECTION H ot-dip galvanizing is one of the most economical, maintenance-free corrosion protection systems available . Like any other manufacturing process, hot-dip galvanized steel requires an inspection of the finished product to ensure compliance with applicable specifications .

Pipe Inspection,Testing & Marking Requirements to Ensure ...

Pipe Inspection is a continuous process during manufacturing. Different types of inspection and testing are performed on a pipe to ensure the quality of the pipes. Refer to the list given below for the types of inspection performed on a pipe.

Piping Inspection

If you look to the refinery or chemical plant, you can see the jungle of pipes which are connecting the vessels together. Statistic shows that 40 % of total mechanical failures in the units are because of the process piping. This article provides you information about site inspection of process piping as well as important points on in-service inspection in process plants.

Cold-formed galvanized steel sections - NBS National BIM ...

Free BIM objects for Cold-formed galvanized steel sections (Metal sections) to download in many design software formats, manufacturer objects contain real world data.

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