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Qualified Buttweld Pipe Fittings Manufacturers- Elbows, Bends, Tee, Reducer. Seamless and Welded Pipe Fittings; Size: 1/2 inch~72 inch; WT: Sch10~XXS. We can also manufacture custom size pipe fittings on customer request. We specialise in providing high quality products at low prices.

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Socket / Butt Weld, Flanges BSPT / NPT As per ANSI B 16.11 Lloyds / BVIS / DNV / IBR / SGS / RITES From ½" to 6" Fittings, ½" to 24" Flanges & ASA 150 and 300 lbs. 2) Forged Carbon Steel Types Size Size ½" to 24" Ends Specifications Inspection Ex-Stock Range FLANGES SUITABLE FOR UPTO 60O O.D. PIPE


FORGED FLANGES TO ANSI B 16.5 (ASA 150 / 300 LBS) Y A SLIP-ON FLANGE WELDING NECK FLANGE BLIND FLANGE 150 LBS Nominal Pipe Size Holes (MM) (INCH.) Length through Hub Flange Dia Dia of O Dia of Bolt Circle A Dia of Bolt D No. of Holes Thk. of Flange C Hub E Dia of Bore Dia of R/F R Depth of Socket F S/O & S/W Y W/N Y L/J Y S/O & S/W B L/J B

How to Order Pipe Flanges – Part 2 – Hayward Pipe & Supply ...

Jul 13, 2016· How to order Pipe Flanges – Part 1 (con't) Dimensional standards are the same for all materials. In other words, the dimensions of a 6" ASME B16.5 Class 150 flange will be the same for carbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy 20 or aluminum. More information on materials can be found in Part 4. Final note on standards.

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Choose from our selection of pipe flanges, including over 1,600 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

ASME B31.3 Process Piping - PSIG

Metallic Pipe & Fitting Selection -7 Pressure Class Ratings for above ground metallic systems are generally governed by their joints. Frequently these are flanged joints manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.1 (iron flanges) and ASME B16.5 (other metallic flanges). Ratings for flanges (and some other piping components) are designated by pressure

Repair or Alteration of Pressure Vessels

Nozzles and reinforcement pads shall be made of material with a specified minimum yield strength within ± 20 percent of that of the shell to which they are attached; however, pipe flanges, pipe, or communicating chambers may be carbon, low-, or high-alloy steels welded to nozzle necks of the required material provided the rules of UHT-18 (b)(1 ...

ULMA Forja | World Leader in Flanges and Forged Components

We have merged the two brand names of ULMA Forja S.Coop, ULMA Piping and ULMA Lazkao Forging, under the name ULMA Advanced Forged Solutions, combining more than half a century of global experience manufacturing FORGED STEEL FLANGES and high-spec FORGED COMPONENTS, strengthening ULMA's position as a leading brand in our market.

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Jan 12, 2014· Now check pipe, flanges and fittings. ... IT SHOULD BE REVIEWED AND CERTIFIED BY A QUALIFIED ENGINEER. Pressure - Temperature Ratings For Steel Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings American National Standard ANSI B16.5 - 1988 CLASS 150 lb. 300 lb. 400 lb. 600 lb. 900 lb. 1500 lb. 2500 lb.

Alberta Pipe Fittings Ltd.

APF offers specialised Carbon Steel Pipe flanges complying to applicable standards such as ASME/ASTM SA/A105(NORMALISED) ; SA/A350; CSA Z245.12; ANSI B16.5, NACE MR0175 and/or stated by the customers. Size Range: ½" to 24" Wall Thickness: All schedules

Flange Joints: Avoiding Installation Pitfalls

Standard water pipe flanges are of the flat-face (also called full-face) variety, the flange slips over the end of the pipe and is attached with internal and external fillet welds, see Figure 1. The gasket contacts the entire mating faces (full face gaskets) or the gasket …

9 Types of Pipe Flanges – A complete Guide for Engineer

This flange provides better joining due to butt-weld as compared to a socket and threaded type flanges; Not suitable for small size, Costly components, and fabrication as compared to threaded, slip-on, and socket flange. Lap flange provides connection flexibility as you can freely rotate the flange on the pipe.

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Seamless and welded gas pipe supplier. PSUK supplies seamless and welded pipe to the UK market through our partnership agreements with UK Gas Authority qualified pipe mill and coatings plants within Europe.. A full range of materials, grades and specifications can be offered to suit the requirements for both adopted and un-adopted lines for gas networks and third party projects.

Pipe Welding Work and the Welder's Qualification Test ...

Level the pipe using spirit level. Bring the flange at the end of the pipe leaving a small welding gap the same as item 4.3.3 for Pipe to Pipe fit-up (In case a Weld neck type of flange is used). If a slip-on type of flange is to be used, insert the pipe to the flange bore up to 5mm depth from the flange face to give enough space for a fillet weld.

ASME Training | Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

The program consists of four online modules and a one-day hands-on training session. Candidates who successfully complete the online courses and pass the online final examination – as well as the hands-on instructor's evaluation – will receive the ASME Certificate for the Qualified Bolting Specialist.*

Pipe and Fittings - DIPRA

125 flanges. 2. ASME/ANSI B16.5: "Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings," Class 150 only (Flat and 0.06-inch Raised-Face Flanges). This standard covers steel flanges through a nominal pipe size of 24-inch. The maximum allowable pressure-temperature ratings for these flanges range from 20 psi to 290 psi (refer to the standard for specific ratings).


Alignment of Pipes, Branches, Flanges and Fittings Tack Welding WORKMANSHIP Striking the Arc Slag Removal and Inter Run Inspection Continuity Current Control Earthing WEATHER ... All above specifications require welders to be qualified in accordance with ASME Sections IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

ASME B31.3 Process Piping - PSIG

Welders are required to be qualified by test in accordance with B&PV Code Section IX ... to determine that the welder is capable of depositing sound weld metal Additional essential variables, e.g. position, pipe diameter The test record is documented as Welder Performance ... Slip-on Flange Socket Welding Flange. ASME B31.3 Process Piping ...


Pipe Diameter Flange Flange Raised Face Bolt Circle Bolt Holes of of with 2 Nuts Bolts Size A B B c D E Bolts F G '12 3'12 7/ts 1:VS 2:VS % 4 '12 2114 13/4 ¥4 37's tl2 1ttt,s 2¥4 % 4 tl2 2114 2 1 4114 9/ts 7/ts 2 3Va Sfa 4 tl2 2'12 2 1% 4% % tl2 2tf2 3'12 % 4 '12 2'12 2t/4 ...

Stress Analysis of Piping | PIPING GUIDE

Stress is considered as the ratio of Force to Area. To find the stress in the small element, say cube of a piece of pipe, construct a three-dimensional, mutually perpendicular principal axis system with each axis perpendicular to the face of the cube it intersects.

Bimetal Tube & Pipe Couplings - Atlas Technologies

Atlas bimetallic transition couplings are robust, metallurgically-bonded dissimilar metal joints used to weld dissimilar metal tubes or pipes. These high strength joints are reliable and engineered to withstand typical welding temperatures. They are hermetic and suitable for use in Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and are used in thousands of cryogenic and industrial applications worldwide.

Pipe Fittings Inspection, Testing & Marking

To qualified the design of the pipe fitting, the manufacturer performed various tests including a burst test to ensure that design will meet all the standard & code requirements. In this test, a pipe & fittings are welded and a dummy pipe spool is prepared.


ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Forged Flanges R O B 2 1/16" T L X B D WELD NECK LAP JOINT THREADED SOCKET WELD SLIP—ON BLIND Nom. Pipe Size O T T J R X #/Dia of Holesa Bolt Circle Dia B B 2 b B 3 H L L 2 L 3 c r D Thr ½ 3.50 0.38 0.44 1.38 1.19 4-0.62 …

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C&N Industries offer a extensive range of Steel pipes,Pipe fittings,flanges,bolts,gasket,valves and other spare parts for industrial use – more than 60 product types available in over 400 sizes and many metal materials, (carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,duplex,super duplex,CuNi etc) in fact. And our engineers work tirelessly to innovate and improve our quality

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