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SMA to SMA Bulkhead & Flange Adapters 18ghz

These sma flange sma bulkhead adapters are useful when feeding signals through walls. Quick view. C3123 SMA Bulkhead Adapter 18Ghz VSWR 1.15 Brass Gold Plated. $1-9: $15.00 $10-24: $14.55 Spec: C3123.pdf Qty in stock: 3364 Qty: Add to Cart. Quick view. C3129 SMA Bulkhead Adapter 18Ghz VSWR 1.15 S Steel Gold Plated ...

P018164 - Flange Adapter

P018164 Flange Adapter. P018164. P C Industries supplies OEM Replacement parts for Donaldson products. We utilize the same numbering system as Donaldson. OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our OEM replacement parts carry a two year warranty and remanufactured parts carry a one year warranty.

QF - Nordfab Ducting | Nordfab Ducting Distributors

in qualified employees, R&D or production technology. Nordfab is ISO . 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered, ensuring our depend-ability, quality, service, delivery, and minimum impact on the environment. Nordfab is a global manufacturer with sales and production facilities in Europe (Scandi-navia and the United Kingdom) and Asia as

EBAA Iron, Inc. - Leaders in Pipe Joint Restraint and ...

The Series 2100 MEGAFLANGE Restrained Flange Adapter is a field-adaptable wedge style restrained flanging system. It has a restraint ring and a gasket ring to give the maximum amount of flexibility during and after installation. The MEGAFLANGE can be used on AWWA C900 and C905 PVC Pipe, IPS O.D. (Class) PVC Pipe, Ductile Iron Pipe, Steel Pipe ...

1951002 - Wal-rich 1951002 - Universal Adapter Kit for ...

Wal-rich 1951002 - Universal Adapter Kit for Water Heater Elements - Converts screw-in element to universal flange element. Eliminates need to double stock. Contains thermostat bracket, 4-bolt gasket, round gasket, and threaded Universal adapter.

Differential Flange Adapters | "Seems Legit" Garage

Differential Flange Adapters. Say goodbye to expensive single piece driveshaft upgrades and CV-joint failures! These adapters let you use an extremely strong 1350 U-Joint on your BMW differential. Machined from billet 6061 aluminum to tight tolerances in the USA for …

Installation Instructions EIA Flange Adapters

EIA Flange Adapters for Rigid Transmission Lines Types RLA050-NF, RLA150-NF, & RLA350-NF and RLA050-LC & RLA150-LC Transmission Line O Ring Insulator Inner Connector Gas Port Jack Plug Adapter Coaxial Cable Alignment Pin Figure 1. Description The adapters are used to join EIA flanged transmission line to Types N or LC Plugs on coaxial cables.

49 CFR Appendix C to Part 215 - FRA Freight Car Standards ...

215.117 Defective Roller Bearing Adapter. 215.119 Defective Freight Car Truck. Car Bodies 215.121 Defective Car Body. ... Railroad fails to designate persons qualified to inspect freight cars; (2) Persons designated does not have knowledge and ability to inspect freight cars for compliance with the requirements of this part. ... Flange is 1 5/8 ...

Caddy® 1/4 - 3/4 in. Electrogalvanized Steel Flange ...

1/4 - 3/4 in. Electrogalvanized Steel Flange Adapter with Universal Structural Bracket (CSBS1A) at Ferguson. Nobody expects more from us than we do. ®

S-5-FA Clamps Roof Clamps | Standing Seam Metal Roof ...

The S-5-FA ("FA" stands for "flange adapter") can be mounted on any clamp (except brass) to quickly provide a nut-and-bolt connection on a standing seam metal roof (SSMR).. Offering 360° in placement flexibility, the FA is an ideal attachment solution for module-level power electronics, bottom-mount solar rails, walkways and a host of other utility mountings.

Companion Flanges | Machine Service, Inc.

At MSI we stock a complete line of standard size companion flanges with rough bore that we machine to fit your splined & keyed shafts. We have the capability to bore and key from DIN 58mm to 390mm, and from SAE 1310 to 1950 series, as well as spline bores and cross-serrate flange …


Angled Flange Adapter. • Supports 3.0mm and 3.6mm round cables • Ideal when space is limited in the front of the bulkhead or within a cabinet or enclosure • Less than 30mm protrusion from faceplate when coupled with MTP® Angled Flange Adapter 4.6mm FOCIS 18 / TIA-604-18 (MTP®-16) FOCIS 5 / TIA-604-5 5.3mm MTP® Connector Options

Caddy® 1/4 - 3/4 in. Electrogalvanized Steel Flange ...

1/4 - 3/4 in. Electrogalvanized Steel Flange Adapter for 1/2 in. Threaded Steel Rods (CSBS1) at Ferguson. Nobody expects more from us than we do. ®

Electrofusion - Integrity Fusion

ELECTROFUSION. Integrity Fusion Products has been known for their impressive product line of Electrofusion fittings since their start in 2007. Now, the IntegriFuse Electrofusion line continues to grow to include even more innovative products than ever before! Electrofusion of HDPE uses electrofusion fittings which have small copper wires ...

Flange Adapters | McMaster-Carr

Choose from our selection of flange adapters, including stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, iron and steel pipe and pipe fittings, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

Flange Adapters - Integrity Fusion

Butt Fusion is defined by McGraw-Hill as "A method of joining plastic pipe, sheet, or other similar forms of a thermoplastic resin wherein the two ends to be joined are heated to the molten state and then rapidly pressed together to form a homogeneous bond.". With HDPE fittings you would use a butt fusion machine, heat both ends of the ...

Flanged Coupling Adapter |Pipe Fittings Parts

The JCM 301 FCA provides a quick simple means of joining flanged fittings to plain end pipe. The 301 will dampen vibration, accommodate pipe deflection and expansion, provide for easy equipment removal and reinstallation, and eliminate the need for exact measurements. The Optional 301 Restrained Flanged Adapter provides torque head set screws which provide restraint for applications in […]

Steel Flange Adapter – CSBS1 - ERICO

Steel Flange Adapter – CSBS1 • Meets requirements of the Buy American Act ... • Meets NFPA® 13 as pre-qualified for seismic applications ... Part Number Flange Thickness Perpendicular to Structure Parallel to Structure 1/4" - 3/8" 3,000 lb 2,200 lb CSBS1xx

AS85049 Qualified Backshells and Connector Accessories ...

AS85049/82, AS85049/83 and AS85049/84. Straight, 45° and 90° Banding Backshells with Self-Locking Coupling.

1/2 in. CSST x 1/2 in. MIPT Brass Termination Flange

Seismically Qualified. Due to the flexible nature CSST is much safer than black pipe in an earthquake. ... 3/4 in. CSST x 1/2 in. NPT Brass Reducing Adapter: 1/2 in. CSST x 1/2 in. MIPT Brass Termination Flange: ... If the fitting is turned against the flange, it will only shred the gasket rather than pull the bare pipe tight to the gasket ...

Flange Adapters & Accessories - OM Industrial

Flange Adapters & Accessories. ... Free Shipping with qualified Purchase. Some limits apply. OM Industrial Products Corporation is headquartered in Houston, TX. Our office and warehouses are centrally located. Office: 3334 Creekmont Dr. Houston, TX 77091 Phone: 1-888-OM-FITTINGS, 713-462-7900


Fabricated steel flange coupling adapter. Used to join plain-end pipe to flanges. Nominal Sizes 12 - 96 inches. Working Pressure See product submittal. Pipe Compatibility Steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, plastic and other types of pipe. FCA501. Ductile iron flange coupling adapter Connects plain-end pipe to a flange.

Hydraulic Flanges and Components - Parker

Adapter M24 WSD Code 61, 62 / Weld Saddle M25 GQS Square Flange / NPT M25 W5SQS Square Flange / Weld Socket – Pipe M26 PQ Code 61, 62 / Blank M26 SPGG5 Flange Spacer w/Gage Ports M27 CP Flange Connector Plate M27 BUVQ1 Code 61 / Flareless M28 LOVQ Code 61, 62 / ORFS M28 XVQ Code 61, 62 / 37° Flare M28 45° Flange Adapters F5OHQ Code 61, 62 ...


MATERIAL: Cast of ASTM A536 qualified ductile iron. Date code is cast on and required for traceability. PRESSURE RATING: *Flanged fittings *2" – 48" rated at 250 psi. 54" – 64" rated at 150psi. *Note: With rubber annular ring flange gasket, 2" – 24" flanged fittings can be rated at 350 psi. ...

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