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Plastic Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems: Plastic pipe fire sprinkler systems are available in CPVC and PEX from several manufacturers and are designed to be installed in certain residential and/or light hazard applications. Plastic systems are specially listed for use in wet fire sprinkler systems. They should be installed by qualified contractors ...

FlexHead fire sprinkler pipe connections allow for ...

FlexHead Superflex flexible fire sprinkler connections for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Cleanroom use. FM approved and UL Listed flexible fire sprinkler drops deliver rapid installation, simple relocation, and feasible retro-fitting. Meets 2013 NFPA 13 Guidelines

EASYFLEX Flexible Sprinkler Connection System:

Less material handling compared to hard pipes; Reduced labor, faster job completion, overall cost saving to the project *Complying with IBC (Section 1621)/ ASCE 7 ( &, the flexible sprinkler connections are seismically qualified and can be an alternative solution to …

Fire department connection (FDC) - Steel Pipe and Fittings ...

Fire department connection (FDC) is intended to boost pressure on the buildings' fire sprinkler system by connecting hose to the pumper. It conform to Standard ANSI / UL 405. TPMC supplies fire department connection in UL listed/ FM approved.. Fire department connection

Platinum Fire Supply

Simply click on one of the categories to left to obtain the complete line of TYCO / Viking sprinkler heads, escutcheons, trim rings, and sprinkler wrenches, Blazemaster CPVC pipe and fittings, Erico hangers and structural attachments, System Sensor electrical and alarm devices, Ames backflow prevention, grooved and threaded products and many more.

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Flexible Sprinkler Connections SFT-9.20 Ultra SprinkFLEX® is an economical, versatile 1" hose solution for fire sprinkler system engineers, designers, and installers. The three piece design is available with interchangeable components to create a flexible fire sprinkler hose solutions for all obstacles encountered in the field. Ultra

UL Listed FM Approved Valves|Fire Sprinkler Pipe

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LynCar & Waterline supply plumbing products to professional installers through wholesale channels. Canadian owned and operated for over 60 years, we are known for innovation, service and quality. Our products are used in both new construction and repair and maintenance, and for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Sprinkler Pipe Manufacturer in North America | Fire Protection

Leading the Herd: As the leading manufacturer of steel fire suppression sprinkler pipe, our innovative measures keep us at the industry forefront. Experienced: Made in the USA, we take pride in producing a wide line of exclusive UL-and FM-approved steel pipe. Distinguished by maximum flow and superior hydraulics, we ensure consistent safety in our fire suppression systems.

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Sharkbite® UF12128A 3/4" x 3/4" SharkBite x 1/2" FNPT Fire Sprinkler Angled Connector Compare Sharkbite® UF12128A 3/4" x 3/4" SharkBite x 1/2" FNPT Fire Sprink..

UNITED Fire Systems | Products | Sprinkler Accessories ...

Aug 10, 2020· The FM Approved UNITED Fire Systems Model AR-1 Air Vent for Wet Sprinklers is a device for automatically releasing the trapped air from the high point(s) of a wet sprinkler system. Trapped air contains oxygen, which, when combined with water, is the primary cause of internal pipe …

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Viking Fire Sprinklers. Viking Valves & Systems. Viking Foam Products. Viking Special Hazards. Viking CPVC Piping System. Flexible Sprinkler Connections. Anvil® Grooved Products. Related System Valves. Steel Pipe & Fittings. Hangers & Fasteners. Electrical Products. FDC Equipment.

Fire sprinkler pipe supplier - East Steel Pipe

The fire sprinkler piping is extensively used worldwide. There are several sprinklers provided by the fire sprinkler pipe suppliers, like quick response, standard response, CMSA, residential, ESFR. Being one of the fire sprinkler pipe suppliers, we manufactures& supplies fire sprinkler pipes.


Apr 06, 2020· Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems 21 13 00 - 1 SECTION 21 13 00 - FIRE-SUPPRESSION SPRINKLER SYSTEMS ... Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems 21 13 00 - 5 1. Pipe sized 1" thru 1 -1/2": Use domestically manufactured Schedule 40 black steel ... All fire department connection locations shall be approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. 3 ...

A Guide to Installing Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems ...

Apr 10, 2018· Pipe in home fire sprinklers and special components. In the last installment of our series covering the installation of home fire sprinklers, we reviewed some of the main components of residential fire sprinklers, including the water supply, pumps (if necessary), and the types of sprinkler heads that can be used and their appropriate placement.


Wet-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems 21 13 13 – 4 . utilizing both the available water supply and the nominal City of Houston fire truck pumper through the fire department connection. 7. No work shall be performed until the University has approved the shop drawings, calculations, and data sheets.

Fire Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings - Things You Must Know

Fire pipe groove connection also called the clamp connection, it is the most suggested connection type for liquid pipeline or gas pipeline, especially in fire sprinkler pipe systems. The process is to make a groove on the pipe end, without any damage for the pipe internal wall, which is a good advantage for this connection technology.

Grooved fittings | grooved pipe fittings for fire fighting

Grooved fittings are used for connecting Standpipe to control, distribute, or support pipeline in different sizes or directions. By groove connection, project time is saved a lot with fast installation and easy maintenance. TPMC supply grooved pipe fittings for fire fighting system.

Fire Sprinkler Heads | McMaster-Carr

These sprinkler heads react to heat up to five times faster than other sprinkler heads. They are triggered when the liquid-filled bulb bursts at the rated temperature. Heads must be installed and maintained according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Install using sprinkler-head wrenches (sold separately) or any hand wrench that fits the NPT size.

Methods of Connecting Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Jul 18, 2018· When connecting threaded pipe, joint compound or pipe tape is applied to the male thread to avoid water leakage. While threading larger pipe was common throughout the early to mid twentieth century, the weight of Schedule 40 pipe and difficulty of turning large diameter threaded pipe makes threading an uncommon choice for larger diameter sprinkler pipe today.

Sprinkler Piping Materials | 2007-04-13 | PM Engineer

Apr 13, 2007· Up until the mid-1970s, sprinkler pipe was predominantly Schedule 40 black steel pipe. Then an upstart company named Allied Tube and Conduit decided to shake up the piping business. At the time, Allied only produced electrical conduit and fence pipe. The owner, looking to expand his business, figured the same pipe used for fences could be used for sprinkler systems.

Guideline: Fire Sprinkler Guidelines

2.0 UNDERGROUND COMPONENTS, POST INDICATOR VALVES AND FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTIONS. SEE VFD GUIDELINE "Underground Piping for Private Hydrants & Fire Sprinkler Supply" 2.1 Plans for underground system must be approved by the fire department and the water purveyor prior to commencement of work or request for inspection.

Fire Sprinkler Freeze Protection Specification

Section includes a CSA Certified complete pipe freeze protection system that consists of a self-regulating trace heater, connection kits, accessories, and electronic controller for fire sprinkler piping. Related Requirements. Section 21 05 33 – Heat Tracing for Fire-Suppression Piping. Section 21 07 19 – Fire Suppression Piping Insulation

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