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EPC initiated new packaging changes in efforts to assist in the customer market requirements. Our new packaging offers lower quantities in transparent bags to promote high visibility. These changes are in effect immediately on a number of our high volume 1" and below solder fittings. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Poll Re: Bidding a job in Propress vs Soldering - RIDGID ...

Jul 18, 2010· Re: Poll Re: Bidding a job in Propress vs Soldering 1" pro press 90 cost $ 5.50 1" swett copper 90 $ 1.94 2" pro press 90 $ 25.99 2" copper swett 90 $ 8.31 I would say that's a pretty big difference right there. Let's go back to the 1" stuff.

Sharkbite Or Solder Copper Pipes - Which Is Better - YouTube

Here are some of the tools that get it done home repair useshttps:// is better Sharkbite or the soldering the copper …

Sharkbite vs Propress | Plumbing Zone - Professional ...

Oct 09, 2008· Here in Fl, I think sharks are the best choice for repairs on old oxidized copper as press knocks the coating off the old copper. Torching usually causes instant pinholes if the copper is far gone. If we are talking about new copper, I think propress is the way to go if your going to run copper in our area. Just don't use it on solar loops.

Propress vs. soldering - RIDGID Forum | Plumbing ...

Jun 04, 2010· Re: Propress vs. soldering. see a propress 90 and a solder 90 up close. the propress 90 is a long radius and heavier than type k copper. the solder 90 is tight turn and is suppose to be type l, but i doubt it really is. the propress fittings are more expensive, but go in much faster and are great for circ systems due to the long radius.

Solder System vs. Press Fit Technology

A new method in modern construction is the press fit system. Pro-press is a press fit system, made of 40% recycled materials. It can be utilized without completely draining and drying the system. Benefits from this system include time savings and the elimination of flames, solder, and flux which lends to a safer work environment with better air ...

Reliability of Plumbing Fittings - Threaded vs ...

Oct 28, 2015· Threaded fittings serve well on materials that are somewhat malleable like iron, copper, aluminum, brass and polymers. As the fittings are tightened, the metal or polymer deforms to fill in all crevices to effect a leak-tight joint. A threaded fitting on harder materials like stainless steel, however, is very difficult to make leak free.

Traditional solder system vs. Propress

Oct 19, 2018· Traditional solder system vs. Propress ... it pays for its self pretty fast when you have the really big jobs or a lot of fittings somewhere. 02-20-2015, 07:03 AM #9. ckartson. View Profile ... Pex is cheapest but when you get into using the plastic fittings I question the overall life vs copper. 04-03-2015, 05:23 PM #13. madhat. View Profile ...

ProPress Vs Solder: How to Compare

May 29, 2018· The advantages of Viega ProPress extend to installation speed as well. With the press system, secure pipe connections can be made in seven seconds or less. This is significantly faster than the time it takes to make these same connections with soldering. Build Pipe Connections with Viega ProPress.

soldering - Are SharkBite plumbing connectors as reliable ...

Solder is good at filling in little gaps which push-fit connectors won't seal. On the other hand it's very easy to not heat a solder joint up enough to melt the solder properly, especially in confined spaces. Obviously, make sure you push them in firmly. Finally you don't really want to use them for exposed pipes, soldered joints are much neater.

Press vs. solder : Plumbing

During use: Press is quick and easy. The problem with press is that everyone seems to get pretty complacent. I see a few guys who've spent years soldering now just cut a pipe and ram a fitting on it. I've learned quick that a tiny burr of copper on the pipe can slice open that rubber and cause a leak.

Copper Tube Handbook: VI. Fittings, Solders, Fluxes: Solders

Solder alloys listed in Section 1 of Table 1 Solder Compositions in ASTM B32, Standard Specification for Solder Metal, can be used to join copper tube and fittings in potable water systems. Solders containing lead at concentrations of greater than 0.2% are banned for potable water systems by the 1986 amendment to the Federal Safe Drinking Water ...

Copper Tube Handbook: VI: Fittings, Solders, Fluxes: Fittings

Wrought Copper and Copper Alloy Braze-Joint Pressure Fittings (ASME B16.50) Removable and Non-Removable Push-Fit Fittings (ASSE 1061) Examples of solder joint end dimensions are shown in Figure 14.5. Cast alloy pressure fittings are available in all standard tube sizes and in a limited variety of types to cover needs for plumbing and mechanical ...

Using press-connect fittings to join pipes : LP Gas

Nov 24, 2017· The press tool is then placed on the fitting and, with the press of a button, a mechanism clamps on the pipe. Then, the crimp is set and the mechanism will do the rest so the pipe is closed off and leak free. With these fittings, there is no need to thread and tighten. If you are working with copper, there is no need to solder.

Why Use Press Fittings? Top 5 Benefits of Press Fittings ...

Feb 16, 2018· Browse press fittings. 1. Press fittings save time and money. With press fittings, connections can be made in a fraction of the time that it takes to weld or solder pipe. Plus, significantly less training is required to operate the press tool compared to welding, brazing or soldering. This makes press fittings an excellent labor saving solution ...

ProPress vs Sweat — Heating Help: The Wall

Feb 18, 2015· My first year in the business my boss (a frustrated volunteer fireman) used an oxygen acetylene torch to soft solder a 1/2" copper joint on an inside corner of fin tube baseboard. Lit the whole wall on fire and proceeded to kick in all the walls and had me run for a bucket of water. Press fittings would have been perfect for that lunatic!

When & Why to Choose a Push-Fit Fitting

The fittings are designed to work with CPVC, PEX, and hard drawn copper pipe (types K, L, M). Most are not compatible with soft copper tubing, with the exception of John Guest fittings (soft copper easily deforms and does not return to shape, making it difficult to achieve a good seal).

NIBCO® Press Fittings vs Soldering Installation 2½" to 4 ...

Experience faster and more efficient connections using large diameter NIBCO® Press fittings vs. soldered copper fittings.


This procedure is applicable for the soldering of copper tube and copper alloy fittings in the range of 0.375" nominal to 8.0" nominal. Wall thickness range shall be from 0.023" to 0.298". The tube and fitting for the test solder joint shall be fabricated in the horizontal position. BASE METAL Base metals shall be UNS C12200 copper ...

ProPress Fittings: Better than Soldering?

Feb 02, 2017· The pioneer of press fittings, Viega's ProPress fittings have provided a strong alternative to traditional connections since their introduction in 1989 and now see over a million installations a day. Available in hundreds of configurations and sizes ranging from ½" to 4" ProPress fittings are suitable for potable water, hot and cold water, heating, gas, solar, fire protection, and …

Pro Press Type of Fittings vs Soldering Copper | DIY Home ...

Oct 16, 2017· What the house opinion on Propress type of system for joining copper piping vs soldering standard copper fittings. ... Pro Press Type of Fittings vs Soldering Copper. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. P. PappyO · Registered. Joined Jan 28, 2014 · 43 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 14, 2017 ...

The Pressing Matter on Copper - Plumbing Connection

Jul 29, 2015· While copper press-fittings can be used in most applications where you would normally use a standard copper fitting there are some limitations. This is because the press-fitting also contains an o-ring and therefore the o-ring as well as the copper needs to be suitable for the temperature, pressure and medium that is flowing through the pipe.

Crimping vs sweating copper | Terry Love Plumbing Advice ...

Jul 03, 2019· Location: FLORIDA. The fittings you are talking about are called " PRO-PRESS " their quicker to install than sweated joints and their great for repairing copper pipes when you can't get all of the water out of the line. but their expensive. Pro's use them all the time. OLD TIMER, Jun 29, 2019.

Copper Press Fittings vs Solder - The Home Depot Pro

Copper press fitting is a flameless alternative to soldering copper pipe connections. In this system, a hydraulic tool is used to press specially designed connectors to join traditional pipes. These connectors house a sealing element that, when pressed, creates an even and reliable connection.

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