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The Best Solder for Copper Pipe - Teach Your Son

Jan 28, 2020· 3. Apply a small amount of flux to the pipe 4. Prepare 6-8 inches of solder 5. Heat the pipe using a torch until the flux sweats or bubbles 6. Apply the solder to the pipe. If the solder doesn't melt, the pipe needs to be hotter 7. Keep adding solder until the entire joint is covered 8. Clean the pipe …

Using Propane or MAP Gas for Sweating or Soldering Copper Pipe

Mar 25, 2021· When sweating or soldering copper pipe, we've been asked about using either propane or MAP gas. In truth, both types of fuel will get the job done. The main difference between propane or MAP gas is that the MAP is hotter. What that translates to is you will heat up the pipe quicker allowing you to solder faster.

Solder a Pipe Fitting | Video Library | Bernzomatic

Using a Torch Video Library Fix Solder a Pipe Fitting. Solder a Pipe Fitting Related Products. Advanced Performance Torch TS4000T. Learn More. 14.1 OZ. MAP-Pro® Hand Torch Cylinder MG9. Learn More. Browse By Video Category. Fix Make Cook Outdoor. 08:01. Treasure Chest ...

Soldering Copper Pipe: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid ...

Jul 07, 2010· Preparing the Pipe. Before you begin to solder, you will need to prepare the pipe. Begin by checking the measurements of the pipe, as this will be crucial to getting the right fitting.The pipe should fit all the way into the shoulder of the fitting, as this will provide a stronger and more secure bond than just placing the right edge.

Copper Pipe Soldering-How to Solder for Beginners Video ...

Jun 06, 2013· Sweat (Solder) and Attach Copper Pipe Step by StepLeah from See Jane Drill provides a beginner's guide to soldering copper plumbing pipe, step by step.Channe...

How-to Solder SS Ferrule to Copper Pipe - w/video - Home ...

Feb 03, 2020· 3) Fit a ring of solder around the base of the joint: This is the tip I picked up from some Youtube videos. Wrap a length of the solder around the pipe and cut it so that it is the length of the perimeter. Wrap it around the joint where the pipe and ferrule meet. There is usually a little gap there that will bite into the solder a bit.

Copper fittings with solder - Plbg.com - Plumbing forum ...

Re: Copper fittings with solder; Author: Anonymous User ive seen them with the flux already in them but never the solder. either way its a risky proposition. best bet is a few fitting brushes,a roll of sand cloth or scotch brite some flux and a clean rag. if your worried about places that are hard to reach either prefab the pipe and fittings or loop soft copper out far enough to safely solder ...

soldering soft copper tubing - Fine Homebuilding

Nov 23, 2005· Until you get to small tubing sizes, yes, soft copper is the same OD as hard copper. It uses the same fittings. The tricky part is keeping it round. Plan your layout so you aren't making a joint in the middle of a bend. Bends kink the pipe a bit. You want a nice round, unbent length of pipe to sweat a joint. Then sand, brush, flux and sweat.

How To: Solder Copper Pipe Fittings - Bob Vila

Connections are made between sections of iron pipe using threaded fittings. The walls of copper pipe, however, are too thin and soft to be threaded, so a different sort of fitting is used, called ...

No-Sweat Plumbing Repairs - This Old House

A simple alternative to soldering when a leak occurs somewhere along a run of pipe (not at a fitting) is to cut out the damaged section and splice in a compression repair coupling. These cut-and-paste couplings are commonly available for 1/2- and 3/4-in.-dia. pipes in 6- …

Pipemaster Soldering Tool - Power Soldering Accessories ...

Make no mistake; this is not a crimp tool limited to special fittings. The Pipemaster solders copper pipe in as little as 10 seconds with standard tin solders (not recommended for silver brazing). To make the most of your Pipemaster, make sure the copper pipe ends, and the inside of the couplings, are cleaned to a bright finish with wire wool.

How to Solder a Pipe - This Old House

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shares tips on soldering pipe. Steps: Use a cleaning strip or an emery cloth to clean the outside of the copper pipe and the inside of the copper fitting. Use an acid brush to apply flux onto the pipe end and inside the fitting.

How to UNSOLDER Copper Pipe, Click to WATCH! : 4 Steps ...

If you're reusing an old fitting that has left over solder in it here's a cool trick that'll aid you in installing it. Instead of using sandpaper to remove any excess solder in the fitting, get yourself an appropriate size wire brush and cut the tip off, you could now use your new tool in a drill to speed up the process.

Any problems re-using copper pipe? - Fine Homebuilding

Dec 22, 2005· That makes it easier to solder on the new fitting. The only difference in soldering an old fitting on is that you need to look inside to make sure it was done right (a complete circle of silver) then heat the fitting first to melt the old solder that's inside, then the new pipe/fitting should go right together and you continue to solder as normal.

Soldering Tips (DIY) - Family Handyman

Soldering a copper pipe joint. I learned how to solder in high school shop class. It was surprisingly simple—so simple that my textbook covered the whole process in just five steps: Thoroughly clean the end of the pipe with sandcloth. Thoroughly clean the inside of the fitting with a wire fitting brush.

Soldering Copper Pipe (DIY) | Family Handyman

Stop the water with a pipe plug. Don't try to solder pipes with water in them. When you're repairing or tying in to existing copper pipes, it's common to find a small amount of water in them even after you close the valve and drain the pipes. Soldering a joint in pipes that contain even tiny amounts of water is nearly impossible.

How to Solder Copper Pipe : 8 Steps (with Pictures ...

Immediately apply flux - this should be lead-free paste for lead -free solder. The flux stops oxidation. Copper oxidises almost immediately and copper oxide won't solder. Using this technique, you can solder the most difficult pipes like chrome-plated and stainless steel. Assemble the pipe and fitting, right up to the stop, rotate to spread the ...

Soldering a horizontal pipe... - Fine Homebuilding

Jan 18, 2003· So my interim solution has been a plastic compression fitting for 1/2" CTS and brass Mueller/Ford compression fittings for 3/4" CTS. It seems like my problem is the concrete draws off too much heat and I burn the flux off, I know mechanicals use a heat-stop when brazing to keep heat from flowing out to other joints.

How to CORRECTLY Solder A Vertical Copper Pipe (Complete ...

Oct 05, 2019· In this video, i'll go through all the steps on how to properly solder a "vertical" pipe.Become a member here and get cool perks! https://

Soldering lead free brass video | Terry Love Plumbing ...

Mar 12, 2016· When I soldered a piece of copper pipe to my brass tub spout elbow I was confused when the elbow simply fell off the pipe! Inside the brass fitting there was a coating of solder, as was there on the outside of the copper pipe. I watched this video and suppose that is my problem.

Soldering Copper Pipe - Plumbing Geek

Soldering Copper Pipe. Over the years I've seen all kinds of solder joints. So when someone tells me they tried and failed at soldering copper pipe I know what it looks like. It's usually a scorched and blackened fitting with discolored pipe on either side, and way-too-much solder in and around the joint.

Sweating a threaded copper fitting - Fine Homebuilding

Mar 26, 2007· Does anybody have a solution for sweating a threaded fitting onto a pipe after the pipe dope is on and the fitting is threaded in? What I mean is if you have a MPTxC fitting for a copper water line and you need to thread the fitting into a valve before you sweat it onto the existing pipe how do you keep the pipe dope from cooking and then leaking?

How to Take Apart a Soldered Copper Pipe Fitting ...

Jun 29, 2010· Hold the copper pipe fitting with the water pump pliers and run the lit propane torch over the fitting to melt an old solder. When it's all melted, wipe it away with a dry cloth. Check the copper pipe for old solder and use the propane torch and a rag there if it's necessary. Step 6 - Clean the Fitting

How to CORRECTLY Solder a Copper Pipe : 6 Steps (with ...

How to CORRECTLY Solder a Copper Pipe: Hi in this article I'll be thoroughly explaining how to solder copper pipe to get a nice leak-free joint. If you're unfamiliar with soldering, you'll be able to solder any diameter pipe after this video with ease and peace of mind.

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