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Flanges-Common Dimensions 1009 - Duraflex, Inc

common flange dimensions 200 / 250 lbs, psi navy drilling plate slip on flange nps size a d f est. weight 1/4 3.25 0.688 0.580 1.60 3/8 3.375 0.688 0.715 1.70 1/2 3.563 0.688 0.880 1.90


• 6 • INCHES MILLIMETRES 1 Socket Welding Flanges, sizes NPS 3 1/2 (DN 90) and larger are not covered by ASME/ANSI B16.5. 2 Includes .06" (1.6 mm) raised face. 3 These dimensions correspond to inside diameters of pipe as given in ANSI/ASME B36.10M for Standard Wall Pipe.Thickness of Standard Wall is the same as Schedule 40 in size NPS 10 (DN 250) and smaller.

Class 150 Flanges : ASTM A182 / ASME SA182 - B16.5 ...

WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONS150# STAINLESS STEEL FLANGES. Nominal Pipe Size. Outside Diameter of Flange. Thickness of Flange. Diameter of Raised Face. Diameter of Hub at Base. Length Thru Hub. Diameter or Bore. Diameter of Hub at Bevel.

FWB Products Ltd 2020 Flange Tables & Gasket Materials

1 1/4" DN32. 5" DN125. 16" DN400. 1 1/2" DN40. 6" DN150. 18" DN450. 2" DN50. 8" DN200. 20" DN500. Flange PCD "PCD" – Pitch Circle Diameter. Diameter described between centre of bolt holes. Pressure Rating 'PN' stands for Pressure Nominale and prefixes the pressure rating, e.g. a PN16 flange is designed to operate up ...

ANSI Valve Standards - Teknopoli

Grey iron castings for valves flanges and pipe fittings NSI A181 Standard specifications for forged or rolled steel pipe flanged forged fittings and valves and parts for general service NSI 816.10 Face - to - face and end - to - end dimension of ferrous valves ANSI 816.34 Steel valves ANSI 8127.1 Constant - …

Texas Flange | Flanges | Steel Flanges | Industrial Pipe ...

[email protected] 281-484-8325 or 800-826-3801. Fax: 281-484-8730. View Online Flange Catalog. About us. PROVIDING ASME CODE & NON CODE INDUSTRIAL FLANGES. Texas Flange has served the petrochemical, process, and waterworks industries for over 3 decades. We provide ANSI, API, and AWWA pipe flanges in carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys ...

Metal Pipe Flange - Pipe Fitting | Weld neck - Slip on ...

These are all steel pipe flanges. This is a slip on flange and this is a 2 inch flange, 150 pound. All flanges that we are showing you today for the purpose of this video are 150 pound flanges. 2 inch flange, this is a 2 inch pipe sample, and you see the slip on flange is the easiest one, you just slide it on and then you weld it.

Class 150 Flanges Bolting Pattern & Bolt Sizes

11320 FM 529 RD BLDG F HOUSTON, TEXAS 77041 TEL (713) 896- 1166 FAX (713) 896-7879 Class 150 Flanges Bolting Pattern & Bolt Sizes ASME B16.5 All dimensions listed are given in inches.

americanalloyflange HOME -OUR FLANGE PRODUCTS ...

AAF FLANGE PRODUCTS. American Alloy Flange offers custom American Manufactured flange products for the Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Water Works, Aerospace, Marine, Nuclear and Defense Industries. Our products include ANSI B16.5,ASME B16.5, ASME16.5 API, AWWA pipe flanges in carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, duplex 2205, super ...

Lap-Joint Flanges | McMaster-Carr

Use these heavy duty forged flanges for high-pressure applications. Bolt two flat-surface flanges or two raised-surface flanges of same size together with a gasket (sold separately) to create an access point in a pipe line.. 304 stainless steel flanges offer very good corrosion resistance. 316 stainless steel flanges have excellent corrosion resistance.. Stub-end flanges are also known as lap ...


FLANGE DIMENSIONS TABLE TYPES OVERVIEW ... 1 1/2″ DN40 8″ DN200 18″ DN450 36″ DN900 2″ DN50 10″ DN250 20″ DN500 The most common fl anging used in Australia in oil, gas and mining is now ANSI fl anging to ANSI B16.5. ... For example: 150 Lb or 150 Lbs or 150# or Class 150, all mean the same. ASME PRESSURE RATING

Polyethylene Flange - HDPE Pipe Flange

2. Raised face Flanges: In this type one surface of flange, lying against the other, has a gasket & therefore is more prominent. Based on standards for all sizes of class 150 & 300, prominence equals with 1.6mm & for higher class it will be 6.4mm. The raised part …

Pipe Flanges and Gasket Dimensions - Engineering ToolBox

The ASME B16.5 - 1996 Pipe Flanges and Flange Fittings standard covers pressure-temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for pipe flanges and flanged fittings.. The standard includes flanges with rating class designations 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500 in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24, with requirements given in both ...

ASTM A182 F304 Stainless Steel Flanges, 304/304L/316L ...

ASTM A182 F304 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer in India, AISI 304, 304L, 316L ANSI B16.5, DIN Standard, Table D, E. Steber Steel is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and supplier of ASTM A182 F304 Stainless Steel flanges in India and overseas. ASTM A182 F304 Stainless Steel flanges are manufactured as per ASME B16.5 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500# | BS EN1092-1 …

Flanges - Unified Alloys

flanges 150 lb fl-1. flanges 300 lb asa b16.5 common dimensions bore length thru hub drilling template and bolting weights nominal thick- o.d. diam.weld-counter weld- slip-on diam. radius thread ... holes holes bolts raised face face joint size neck thr'd joint blind 1/2 3 3/4 9/16 1 3/8 1 1/2 .62 .88 .90 .93 2 1/16 7/8 7/8 .84 1…

Thermometrics Corporation- Flanges

ANSI B 16.5 Class 600 lb. We are a well-reckoned name involved in manufacturing, supply and export of high grade ANSI Flanges, threaded ANSI flanges, ANSI B 16.5 class 600 lb. Complying with international quality standards, these threaded flanges find application in diverse industries including railway, cement, port, mining etc. Flawlessly designed, these ANSI flanges, threaded ANSI flanges ...

150-Pound Flanges | McMaster-Carr

Choose from our selection of 150-pound flanges, including stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings, iron and steel pipe and pipe fittings, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

ASME B16.48 Spectacle Blind Flange Dimensions and Weight Chart

The ASME B16.48 Spectacle Blind Flange is available across different markets in sizes NPS 1/2 through NPS 24, whereas the pressure class rating of ASME B16.48 is as follows i.e. 150…

PN16 Flange Tables - Connexion Developments

PN100. Engineers use the prefix PN (Pressure Nominale). e.g. a BA4504-16 flange will commonly be referred to as a PN16. Generally, a PN16 flange is designed to withstand pressures up to 16 bar. All dimensions are specified in mm. Return.

Supply Flange ANSI B16.5 Slip On Flange, SORF Flange ...

Dimensions of sizes 1/2 through 3 1/2 are the same as for Class 400 Flanges. 6. Depth of Socket (D) is covered by ANSI B 16.5 only in sizes through 3 inch, over 3 inch is at the manufacturer's option.

ANSI ASME B16.48 Class 150 Spectacle Blind Flanges

ANSI ASME B16.48 Class 150 Spectacle Blind Flanges Manufacturers & suppliers in India High pressure steel flange, forged flanges, ANSI ASME B16.48 Class 150 Spectacle Blind Flanges Stockholders ANSI ASME B16.48 Class 150 Spectacle Blind Flanges Dimensions. Nominal Pipe Size. O.D. I.D. Center Line. Thickness. Web Width. inch. A. B. C. t. W. 1/2

Flange Bolting Chart - Texas Flange

600 LB. Flanges. 900 LB. Flanges. 1500 LB. Flanges. 2500 LB. Flanges. Download Our New Printable Texas Flange Pocket Bolt Chart!

Flanges Table | Flanges Dimensions | Flanges Standard ...

Flanges Table, Flanges Dimensions, Flanges Standard Chart, Flanges Size Chart | India. Flanges Table, Flanges Dimensions, Flanges Standard Chart, Flanges Size Chart We Export : uae, saudi arabia, qatar, oman, malaysia, sinagapore, indonesia, sudan, israel, south africa, kenya Metal Industries is a Professional steel flanges and forgings manufacturer in india, specialize in manufacturing ...

spade and ring spacer flange manufacturers, class 150 to ...

Oct 13, 2018· Authoritative ANSI B16.5 / ASME B16.47 Spade and Ring Spacer Flange Manufacturers in India. As one of the leaders amongst Manufacturers, Stockist, and Exporters of Spade and Ring Spacer Flange, ASME B16.5 / ANSI B16.47 Spade Flange, We are offering competitive prices in India on DIN Ring Spacer Flange, Series A & B Paddle Spacer Flange, MSS Spade Flange, Paddle Blank Flange, Paddle Blind Flange.

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