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Pipework Suppliers, is an independent family run business. With over 25 years in the pipeline industry. Pipework Suppliers harnesses its expertise to bring you quality pipeline products at amazingly low prices. We are located in Yorkshire but we supply UK wide …

6 Basic Rules of Pump Piping - Crane Engineering

Install the flat side of the reducer on the top when fluid is coming from below the pump. If the fluid comes from the top, the flat portion of the reducer should be mounted on the bottom of the pipe. The flat portion is designed to discourage an air pocket from forming at the pump suction. 4.

Pipe Fitters Handbook - ameind.com

For over 150 years, Anvil has been a trusted name in piping solutions by consistently providing quality products, service, and support to the PVF industry. Our ability to provide cost-efficient piping packages that are tailored to individual markets is unmatched in the industry.

Flange Isolation Gasket Kits (FIGK) - RAMCO®

> Flange Isolation Gasket Kits The RAMCO® Flange Isolation Gasket Kit (FIGK) is designed to be used on piping flanges & systems to provide cathodic protection, assist in the prevention of galvanic corrosion between the flanges, & Isolate any current in the piping system from continuing down the line.

Flange Insulation Gasket Kits | M&P Flange & Pipe …

Flange Size and Pressure Rating. Gasket Type: D, E, or F. Gasket Sealing Element, Sleeve, and Washer Material. Recommended Installation Procedure: Verify that the installation kits contain the material specified. Clean and inspect pipe flange faces and apply lubricant to all threads. Install the gasket and align the flanges to the bolt holes.

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Britech Industries Stuart, FL 772-286-9278. Request For Quote View Company Profile. Manufacturer of standard and custom rubber gaskets, made of EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, dense, recovery sponge rubber and silicone compounds. Secondary processes such as …

Distributor of Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Supplies

CONNECTING WHAT'S POSSIBLE. BPS Supply Group has distributed pipe, valves, fittings and supplies for over 50 years to a wide range of customers across all markets. Our products and custom solutions connect infrastructure and industry to the resources they depend on across North America. With 19 strategic locations working in oil, energy, ...

Flange Isolating Gasket Kits | Advance Products & Systems ...

Advance Products & Systems manufactures and maintains a supply of quality products and materials which help solve most flange sealing problems, therefore preventing subsequent corrosion and saving the integrity of the pipeline. Advance Flange Isolation Gasket Kits are manufactured according to ANSI B16.5 specifications up to 24″.


1. Install spacers on the PVC pipe. 2. Minimize the fric on force during the push. 3. Avoid over-inser on. 4. Install a water-permeable seal at the casing ends. Casing size: The casing should be large enough to readily accommodate the maximum outside diameter at the pipe …

Full-Face and Ring Pipe Flange Gaskets Garlock Blue Gard ...

Allstate Gasket Linecard. RING & FULL-FACE FLANGE GASKETS - CUSTOM MADE or FROM STOCK. Allstate Gasket can custom manufacture and fabricate flange gaskets, ring gaskets, manway gaskets and full-face gaskets in a wide variety of materials …

Water, Sewer Fittings Flange B-22 Adaptors

Pipe Sealing Positive Flange Gasket Sealing Installation Notes: • Flange adaptors are used for field installations in lieu of standard threaded pipe flanges when the latter are found to be impractical due to time and/or cost restraints. • Set screws are an integral part of the adaptor to give restraint and to prevent blow-off. The set screws should

Subsea installation equipments supplier | Tekflow

Tekflow is an official supplier of Grayloc® clamp connectors and flanges, Pikotek® flange isolation kits and gaskets and Flange Skillets® gaskets installation tools. More details CONTACT US


For immediate assistance, call 800 -WRAP-A-PIPE (800-972-7274) Manufacturer and Distributor of Pipeline Protection Products, Polyethylene Encasement For Ductile Iron Pipe Underground Tapes, Pipe Coatings, Pipe Tapes, Cathodic Protection and Pipe Products Address: 5202 Argosy Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92649 - Phone: 714-897-0700 - Fax: 714-897-0600

GASKET HANDBOOK 1 Edition - Fluid Sealing

The amount of "travel" is dependent on both the gasket compressibility and gasket thickness. To illustrate this concept, a 3.2mm (1/8") gasket compressed 10%, will "travel" 0.32mm (0.0125"); while, a 6.4mm (1/4") gasket compressed 10%, will "travel" 0.64mm (0.025").

Flange and Bolt Insulation - Industrial Gaskets SA

Industrial Gaskets can supply various sizes and types of insulating gaskets, bolt insulation and complete gasket kits to suit any pressure, temperature or operational specifications. Flange Insulation Gaskets are available in Compressed Fibre (Tesnit BA-GL or Tesnit BA-U), G11 Epoxy, Reinforced Phenolic, Lamons Linebacker Fire Safe and other materials.

Garlock Gasketing Products

14-10-2016· Flanges that create very high compressive loads might require a metallic spiral wound or kammprofile, but many can also be sealed with a fiber or GYLON® gasket. A 150# RF flange is fine with any of these; a 600# RF flange is best suited for a metal gasket. MEDIA There are thousands of different fluids. We cannot, in this manual,

Field fabrication and installation of Piping systems

The FCW provides the installer with an additional length of pipe, usually 100 to 150 mm longer than what is indicated on the design drawings, to allow for field adjustment.What has to be considered, and what prompts the need for a FCW, is the actual, as-installed, location of both the fixed equipment that the pipe assemblies may connect to and the actual installed location of the pipe assembly itself.

Gasket - Flexitallic

15-05-2019· Industrial Gasket & Supply Torrance, CA, USA Tel: +1 310 530 1771 Dooley Gasket and Seal Co. Broomall, PA, USA Tel: +1 610 328 2720 Lake Charles Rubber Lake Charles, LA, USA Tel: +1 337 433 1002 Special Piping Material Ltd. Delta State, Nigeria Tel: +234 53 254 767 Alliance Sealing Pty Ltd. Brisbane, Australia Tel: +61 (0)7 3212 5399

Pikotek® VCS™ Isolating Gaskets/KitsPikotek Isolation ...

The Pikotek ® VCS gasket provides exceptional insulating and general sealing performance in aggressive material applications. The VCS gasket is suitable in all services up to and including ANSI 2500# and API 10,000# classes.¹. Due to its unique pressure activated sealing mechanism, the gasket requires far less bolt stress to seal than any other ...


and supply of high quality, high value industrial static sealing products. About us As the developer of the spiral wound gasket in 1912, we have built on this legacy of innovation with revolutionary products including Thermiculite® and Sigma®, The Flange Rescue Gasket, and most recently the Change™ Gasket…

MAHLE Aftermarket North America | Gaskets

The MAHLE Aftermarket gasket team pioneered innovative packaging years ago, and it carries on throughout the MAHLE® gasket line. MAHLE is the only gasket supplier that designed a package enabling a counterperson or technician to either see the actual gaskets inside, or if it is a bigger set packed in a box, every one carries the image of the contents instead of simply a bill of materials like …

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