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GUIDELINES Installation Guide for Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe Page 93 15. Linear Expansion of Ductile Iron Pipe Page 104 16. Conversion Factors Page 105 17. Standard Dimensions and Weights of Push-on Joint Ductile Iron Pipe Page 110 18. Standard Dimensions and Weights of Mechanical Joint Ductile Iron Pipe Page 114 19. Pipe Thicknesses Required for Different Tap Sizes per

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Cast iron pipe has long been the standard material for conveying water and sewage in municipal, utility and industrial piping systems. Ductile iron pipe, a product of advanced metallurgy, offers unique properties for conveying water under pressure, and other piping uses. It combines the physical strength of mild steel with the long life of gray cast iron.

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AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe P.O. Box 2727 Birmingham, Alabama 35202-2727 Canada Pipe Company, Ltd. 1757 Burlington Street East Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3R5 Canada McWane Ductile P.O. Box 6001 Coshocton, Ohio 43812-6001 United States Pipe and Foundry Company Two Chase Corporate Drive Birmingham, Alabama 35244 Ductile Iron Pipe is


Ductile iron C110/A21.10 flanged fittings are rated for 150 or 250 psi water working pressure as listed in the tables. Long radius and reducing elbows, reducing on-the-run tees, side outlet fittings, eccentric reducers and laterals are ANSI B16.1 Class 125 fittings. Ductile iron Class 125 fittings …

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Ductile Iron Pipe from (3" to 64") Fabricated Flanged Pipe (3" to 64") Mechanical Joint, Push–On, Factory Restrained, Flanged and Victaulic Grooved; Mechanical Joint Fittings, Flange Fittings, Victaulic Grooved Fittings; Cement Lined; Ceramic Epoxy Lined …


MCWANE DUCTILE IRON PIPE. APPLICATION NOTES 1. For ductile iron applications utilizing TYTON® pipe, vales, and fittings made to AWWA specifications. 2. In cold weather assembly maintain the temperature of the gasket above 40° F. 3. The socket of the joint should be clean and free of debris or significant corrosion.

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For generations, Tyler Union has been a global leader in manufacturing quality products for the waterworks industry. From wholly owned production facilities in Anniston, AL and the Hebei province of China, Tyler Union provides a broad range of domestic and import waterworks products.

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Pipe & Fittings. With the combined capabilities of McWane Ductile pipe and Tyler Union fittings, MPI can manufacture customized plant piping to your unique specifications. Select from custom-fitted cast pipe with a variety of joining systems, customized with your choice of coatings, linings and encasements.

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Waterworks Fittings Divisions. McWane, Inc. utility fittings companies provide the joints, bends, splitters and various connectors used to connect piping for potable water for commercial, industrial and residential applications.


DUCTILE IRON TR FLEX Pulling Force at Equivalent Pressure for HDD Applications ® TR FLEX RESTRAINED JOINT DUCTILE IRON PIPE AND FITTINGS ® All Dimensions are in Inches Nominal Pipe Size Pipe O.D. (in) 350 psi Equivalent Force 500 psi Equivalent Force Recommended Maximum Pulling Force Absolute Maximum Pulling Force 4 4.80 6,333 9,048 6,000 9,000


McWane's divisions focus on the safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing of ductile iron pipe, soil pipe, soil fittings and utility fittings, waterworks valves and fire hydrants, propane and compressed air tanks and fire extinguishers. McWane International was created in 1992 to accommodate the growing global demand for McWane products.

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Depending on your application, McWane International offers different internal and external coatings and linings for use on pipe and fittings to provide protection for the different fluids passing through the lines. McWane International Ductile Iron Pipe Coatings and Linings

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Ductile Iron Pipe. Below you can find the different joints that McWane Ductile offers for ductile iron pipe. For more information on sizing and other specifications, download the submittal sheet located underneath each individual joint.

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McWane employs more than 4,000 team members who safely and sustainably manufacture ductile iron pipe, soil pipe, fittings, hydrants and valves in facilities here in the United States. Our products comprise the backbone of the vital water distribution and wastewater treatment systems throughout North America and dependably provide the United States with clean drinking water.

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McWane International is proud to represent worldwide all the reputable manufacturers under the McWane, ... Ductile Iron Pipe; Fittings and Restraints; Valves and Hydrants; Special Coatings and Linings; ISO/EN Standard Products; ... Environmental Excellence; Pollution Prevention Challenge; Sustainability for Generations.

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Piping. In addition to the benefits of long life, corrosion resistance, high structural strength, and tight joints, ductile iron pipe manufactured by McWane Ductile is also readily machinable, an important requirement in any pipe that must be drilled, tapped, or cut.

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McWane, Inc. utility fittings companies provide the joints, bends, splitters and various connectors used to connect piping for potable water for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

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Ductile iron is also superbly strong against external load and with good bending strength. In ductile iron, the carbon is propagation and resulting in higher strength. This is done by adding magnesium into molten iron. Therefore, the continuity of the iron matrix is maintained, providing excellent ductility, flexibility and impact resistance.


Ductile Iron pipe is specified by utilities and consulting engineers for its ... economical polyethylene encasement has provided excellent corrosion protection for the pipe. Has Extremely High Impact Resistance ... A wide variety of joints and standard fittings are available for every application.


Ductile iron pipe and fittings will be accepted on the basis of the Manufacturer's certification that the materials conform to this section. B. The certification for ductile iron fittings shall list a fitting description, ... McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co. (Tyler Union domestic only)

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McWane Ductile manufactures premium pipe that helps build iron strong water infrastructure across America's cities and the globe.

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