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Conduit Fittings | EMR

1-23 of 48 results in Products. Sort by: Recommended. Appleton™ EMT Transition Couplings. Compare. Compare. O-Z/Gedney™ Clamps, Straps and Clamp Backs for …

EMT Conduit Rack - Tee fittings? - VDrums Forum

Feb 25, 2015· 02-25-15, 08:45 PM. Looking at making a rack out of 1.25" EMT Conduit, but I'm kinda stumped on the Tee fittings. Apparently Harbor Freight once carried structural fittings for 1.25"OD pipe, but no longer. Since it's electrical conduit, there really isn't much need for tee fittings (you'd use a junction box for that).

EMT - Transitions - Bridgeport Fittings

1/2 inch EMT set screw combination coupling to 3/8" AC/MC/MCIA & FMC. Mighty-Merge ® Multi-port Transition Fittings. EMT to AC/MC Coupling. We're always innovating new products to solve your in-the-field problems. This fitting was designed to make your job easier by saving you time.

EMT Conduit at Lowes.com

for pricing and availability. 46. (Common: 1-1/4-in; Actual: 1.25-In) Metallic Emt 10-ft Conduit. Model #101576. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 36. (Common: 1-1/2-in; Actual: 1.5-In) Metallic Emt 10-ft Conduit. Model #103093.

Rigid Fittings - TNB.COM

Features. Durable Design: T&B ® rigid fittings designs are driven by the needs of the electrician and provide ease of installation and on the job reliability. Industry and Code Compliance: ABB Installation Products engineers are actively engaged in the industry and continuously updating and improving designs to assure our fittings meet the requirements of the NEC as well as listing ...

Thin Wall Conduit Fittings (For EMT Conduit)

Thin Wall Conduit Fittings (For EMT Conduit) SPACE-SAVER EMT COMPRESSION CONNECTORS - STEEL UL File No. E22132 ... 1653RT 11/ 4"10 41 1654RT 11/ 2"10 50 1655RT 2" 5 67 1656RT 21/ 2" 2 177 1657RT 3" 1 234 1658RT 31/ 2" 1 330 1659RT 4" 1 360 . # Size ... durable corrosion resistance • Flat surface on gland nut provides smooth, flat surface ...

Electrical Metal Tubing - EMT - Conduits

1 inch = 25.4 mm; 1 ft (foot) = 0.3048 m; The outside tube is galvanized for corrosion protection and the inside has corrosion-resistant coating. According to National Electric Code (US NEC or NFPA 70) Article 344 for Rigid Metal Conduit and Article 358 Electrical Metallic Tubing.

Fittings - TNB.COM

Features . T&B ® Fittings offer a large variety of materials, unique features and manufacturing methods each carefully selected to address the end user needs.. Carlon ® non metallic fittings offer guarantees against rust, corrosion and high resistance to sunlight.. T&B Liquidtight Fittings stand up to demanding wet and corrosive environments, including power generation, petrochemical, paper ...

Irrigation Fittings Buying Guide : Drip Depot DIY ...

Dec 17, 2020· Irrigation Fitting - Buying Guide. If you purchased your tubing or drip tape from Drip Depot, then you should simply order fittings that match the size listed in the description of the tape or the tubing. For example, if you ordered 1/4" poly tubing, then any of our 1/4" fittings are guaranteed to fit.

Electrical metallic tubing (EMT) fittings

ELECTRICAL METALLIC TUBING (EMT) FITTINGS B81 EMT fittings – Nylon insulated . no. Size (in.) Dimensions (in.) A B Diagram Across 1 corners A B 5123 1⁄2 13⁄64 121⁄32 5223 3⁄4 121⁄64 127⁄32 5323 111⁄16 7⁄8 5423 1 1⁄4 2⁄16 211⁄32 5523 11⁄2 25⁄16 223⁄32 5623 2 225⁄32 213⁄16 UL Listed and CSA Certified concrete-tight

EMT Fittings - Electrical Fittings

1-Gang Boxes; 2-Gang Boxes; 3-Gang Boxes (2-5/8" Deep) 4" Round Boxes (1-1/2" Deep) Plastic Modifiable Boxes; Weatherproof Covers. While-In-Use Covers; Universal Covers; 1-Gang Blank And Device Covers; 2-Gang Blank And Device Covers; 3-Gang Blank And Device Covers; 4" Round Covers; Plastic Modifiable Box Cover; Extension Rings. 1-Gang Extension ...

EMT Fittings - Platt Electric Supply

EMT Compression Connector, 1/2 inch, Raintight/Concrete Tight, Material: Steel, Insulated, For Use with EMT Conduit, UL E200730. Show More. Category: EMT Compression Connectors (Rai... EMT Fittings Steel EMT Compression Connectors (Raintight) - Steel. $1.19 EA.

Specifications for ENT (Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing)

1.8 ENT, fittings, and accessories shall be manufactured by Carlon. Carlon new quick connect one piece fittings are approved for concrete-tight installations. For sizes larger than 1" the use of standard Carlon® solvent weld fittings with the proper ENT cement is recommended. 1. Cut ENT square and cleanly. 2.

Direct Burial Electrical Fittings & Conduit | American ...

Answer: The 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) allows the direct burial of all three products as noted in their respective Articles: Galvanized Steel RMC Section 344.10 (B) Corrosion Environments.Galvanized steel RMC, elbows, couplings, and fittings "shall be permitted to be installed in concrete, in direct contact with the earth, or in areas subject to severe corrosive influences where ...

Tee Pipe Fitting: Single, Two, Three Socket Tee - Aluminum ...

1-1/4" x 1" IPS 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" IPS ... Not only are they resistant to rust but they are also highly durable and lightweight too. ... You also don't want your tee fitting to be difficult either and having a connection that you are able to simply slip on and secure with a hex key is the easiest way to have a secure railing that isn't going ...

Expansion & Deflection Fittings

• Durable cast ZA12 (zinc alloy) end couplings for use with rigid or IMC conduit • Stainless steel lap bands for superior ... 1-1/4 " AF-125GG 3-1/8 ... TAF SERIES EMT EXPANSION FITTINGS

Standard T Connector | T Pipe Fitting | Maker Pipe

T Connector. 116 reviews. $2.95. The T connector is our most popular structural pipe fitting and rightfully so. You get an incredible building solution at an affordable price. Designed to fit inexpensive ¾ inch EMT conduit which is readily available at your local hardware store. The T fitting …

Combination Couplings | EMT Fittings | Eaton

Crouse-Hinds series EMT combination couplings are used to join EMT conduit to armored cable, metal-clad cable or flexible metallic conduit. Manufactured in steel or zinc die cast, EMT combination couplings are available in set screw, compression or saddle clamp designs.

EMT & CONDUIT - Wheatland

Silver (traditional galvanized EMT) is available from stock 1/2–4. Minimum order quantities may apply. EMT WEIGHTS, DIMENSIONS AND PACKAGING (10' LENGTHS) TRADE SIZE WEIGHT / 100 FT. MASTER BUNDLE QUANTITY ... 1 1/4 11 1/2 9 11 158 1.638 41.59 1.448 36.77 0.095 2.41 1 ...

Fitting Diameter Information | Creative Shelters

For example a 3/4" fitting actually has a 1" inside diameter. This is sized so that 3/4" EMT which has an actual outside diameter of 15/16" will fit inside the fitting. For more information see the table below. Fittings ID is the Inside Diameter of the fitting. Tubing OD is the Outside Diameter of the tubing that is used for this fitting size.

Painting EMT | Electrician Talk

Jul 15, 2016· I had to work with 1 1/4" white spray painted emt and compression fittings. We had to touch up our 90s and many of our offsets and kicks. The white also picked up dirt off my hands. I was working off a lift and still wrenching at around head height most of the time, the pipe was hung off long threaded rod hangers.

EMT FITTINGS - topaz-usa.com

EMT FITTINGS. Topaz EMT connectors and couplings provide a secure connection to any EMT application. Our comprehensive product line of UL listed steel and zinc fittings ensure high quality performance and longevity. Available in compression and set screw types from 1/2″ through 4" to suit multiple applications and specifications.

Connectors and Couplings - EMT Conduit Fittings

With Bridgeport's newly redesigned Raintight Compression Couplings, 266-RT through 269-RT, contractors can install just one wet location fitting for either thread less Steel or Al Rigid / IMC or Steel EMT. These 2-1/2" thru 4" dual Listed Zinc Alloy fittings come standard with a 105° C temperature rated insulated throat and the words ...

T&B Fittings by ABB - 4233 - Short Elbow, 1-1/4", 90Deg ...

4233 from T&B Fittings by ABB at Allied Electronics & Automation. Description. Short Elbow, 1-1/4", 90Deg, Malleable Iron for use with EMT Conduit

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