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What To Do When Your Car Blows A Brake Line - Keeping Your ...

May 16, 2016· Brake line failures are rare, but they can be extremely dangerous and very scary when you're behind the wheel. When you hit the brake pedal, you create pressure that moves the brake fluid through the lines and activates the calipers, creating the braking action. When a brake line breaks, the fluid leaks out and the lack of pressure means it can ...

How to Replace Brake Lines : 6 Steps (with Pictures ...

Step 4: Flare the Line. 2 More Images. For the flare, this is a double flare connection. First we will need to ensure the clamp is clean, both the jaws where the line sits and the surfaces that face each other. Install the fitting first, the side which is being flared must be on the chamfered side of the clamp.

Replacing brake hoses, nut on brake line won't come loose ...

Mar 27, 2013· Posted March 24, 2013. Hey all, I'm trying to replace my 510's half eaten up rubber brake hoses with some braided steel ones. Here's my noob problem: the nuts that sit at the end of the steel brake line are completely stuck. First I tried WD40, then I got some Liquid Wrench, finally, I switched from trying to use a flare nut wrench to vice grips.

Loosen a "crusty" brake line fitting | Bob Is The Oil Guy

Apr 17, 2020· Loosen a "crusty" brake line fitting. Thread starter Hall; Start date Apr 17, 2020; Hall. Messages 4,968 Location Ohio. Apr 17, 2020 #1 Our son bought stainless steel brake lines for his car that he and I replaced earlier this week. Well, we replaced (3) of the (4). All of them seemed to have some dirt build-up in the fitting but we got three ...

Technical - How to loosen brake lines? | The H.A.M.B.

Aug 29, 2018· If the fittings are rounding off with a line wrench, the lines themselves can't be in too good of condition. I've had pretty good luck cutting off the lines at the fittings and using a 6 point socket on the fittings off at places like the master cylinder and wheel cylinders. Doesn't help the old lines, but does wonders to save the cylinders.

maintenance - How to safely remove stuck threads ...

Aug 20, 2012· In the process of trying to take the brake line loose from it I started to twist the line when I thought I had finally started to break them loose from each other. I was able to go to a local pull-a-part place and get the replacement brake line I need, but once again I wasn't able to get it disconnected from the hose so I just cut the hose and ...

frozen brake line fitting | NastyZ28.com

Aug 28, 2013· Good vice grips on the rounded line. On the remaining not rounded ones I would cut the line close to the fitting and use a 6 point socket. The line wrenches tend to flex and slip on the really frozen fittings. Another trick if your trying to save the line is to get the fitting glowing red then rapidly cool it with cold water.

help with rusty brake hose fittings | Team Chevelle

Jun 07, 2004· Whats the secret to loosening rusty 40 year old brake hose fittings. Ive soaked the front hose to hard line fittings in wd40 for almost a year. They still wont budge.

12 Ways to Break Loose Rusted and Stuck Plumbing Fixtures

The Best Ways to Break Loose Stuck or Rusted Plumbing Fixtures. Bathroom sink faucet that was stuck Stuck or rusted plumbing fixtures and parts are a pain for any homeowner. It starts with patience. Some of these ideas may be of help if you decide to tackle the problem.

How to Remove Brake Line Fittings | HowStuffWorks

Removing a brake line is as straight forward as removing a bolt from a nut. Because it's simple, however, doesn't make it necessarily easy. Brake fittings are subject to damage by road debris and corrosion from salt, water and galvanic reactions. Most fittings are steel, and while anodized to reduce rust and corrosion, they can (and do) corrode.

Making a Bubble Flare for Brake Lines | DoItYourself.com

Apr 30, 2010· Step 2 - Prepare the Brake Line Anvil. Arrange the brake line anvil utilized to make double bubble flares along the clamp's face. The anvil contains two sides. One side is raised, while the other side is flat that fits into the tubing's center. Place the anvil's flat side alongside the clamp after the brake line.

How to loosen brake line fittings | Vintage Mustang Forums

Jan 09, 2005· IME the biggest problem with these fittings is the line and the nut rusting together to become one. So as you turn the nut the line spins also, hence the reason those nuts are so damn tight. PB Blaster and some heat, maybe even a few whacks with a hammer to help loosen the bond. I have found that a push-pull method helps.

Wilwood: Brake Line Fittings & Bleed Screws

Mar 29, 2021· Wilwood's fittings are manufactured to high quality standards. This fitting kit been designed for use with our Compact Remote Master Cylinders with 11/16-20 inlet thread and will adapt to -3 AN male fitting used most AN stainless brake lines assemblies. Also Includes the required o-ring seal (part # 210-12020) and Reservoir Sleeve (300-15867).

How To Remove A Rusty Brake Line Fitting - YouTube

Apr 05, 2018· Living in a state that uses too much road salt, here's the best way i have found to loosen/remove rusty brake line fittings and bolts on a vehicle.I don't ha...

Rusted Bleeder Screw Giving You Trouble? - Brake Fluid Flush

Feb 03, 2015· The answer is simple. This is done to help keep the rusted bleeder screw from breaking when it is "frozen" in the caliper and you are trying to loosen or remove it. Image 1. Image 1. If you take a straw, hold one end, and twist the other end of the straw the center of the straw will twist around itself. Think of a hollow bleeder valve with ...

How to loosen 'frozen' steel brake line fittings ...

Jan 18, 2003· Just checked the OEM hard brake lines on a '73 and '76 911 and they're just as I remembered: carbon steel, magnetic and prone to rust when the coating/plating is gone. The flexible bits are of course reinforced rubber hose. Metal non-magnetic brake lines could be aluminum or even some grades of stainless steel.

Disconnecting frozen/rusted brake lines, how to without ...

Dec 13, 2012· By tightening the fitting you ensure it is broken loose from the threads. It will also break the line loose from the fitting without kinking the line. If you try loosening and the line is not broken loose from the fitting it will just twist the line off. I do all my fitting …

How to loosen 'frozen' steel brake line fittings ...

Jan 17, 2003· Just checked the OEM hard brake lines on a '73 and '76 911 and they're just as I remembered: carbon steel, magnetic and prone to rust when the coating/plating is gone. The flexible bits are of course reinforced rubber hose. Metal non-magnetic brake lines could be aluminum or even some grades of stainless steel.

How Do I Loosen a Corroded Faucet? - bluefrog Plumbing

Nov 11, 2016· How Do I Loosen a Corroded Faucet? 11/11/2016. Unfortunately, our faucets aren't invincible. Over time, they begin to succumb to the wear and tear of everyday use and exposure to the elements – yes, even inside faucets have to deal with exposure issues, albeit to a noticeably smaller degree than an outdoor faucet.

Tips on releasing stuck brake bleeder valve | BAT Auto ...

Apr 28, 2016· Nor on brake lines, can help with the threads on the fittings, but not on that rust between the fitting and the tube. Could use an entire can of it on catalytic bolts, in particular the ones with welded in nuts and get nowhere, there a torch is the only thing that works.

How to Remove Seized Brake Line Fittings - YouTube

Jul 14, 2017· Don't forget to like and sub!!!!!SUBSCRIBE HERE https://*Please be aware that I am not responsible for your actions in any type...

Brake Line Repair: How to Repair Broken Brake Line ...

May 28, 2010· Slide the cap of the compression fitting onto the brake line that is on the vehicle now. Slide the small ring onto the brake line and then press the barrel of the compression fitting as far as possible. You will then place the new brake line portion onto the compression fitting and tighten the nut on the barrel with your hand.

Fittings stuck on fuel/brake hard lines! Help! | The H.A.M.B.

Jul 13, 2009· This works well, but I would not suggest doing it with a fuel line. A brake line should be no problem. You could also invest in the wrenches that grab the flat side of the fitting or nut, not the corners. That may help you. WD-40, in my experience, is not that great for stuck bolts, etc. I …

How to remove brake line nut without stripping? - Motor ...

Aug 27, 2016· Add a comment. |. -1. For such scenarios, best is to hammer on nut but parllal to line using blunt piece of metal. I use a cut piece of L-key. This being the most effective. If you use grip plier, probably the line will have to be cut, put a new nut and then get …

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