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COMPRESSION BRASS FITTINGS Compression Fittings •Typical Application Use with copper, aluminum and thermoplastic tub-ing. Not recommended for steel tubing. Manufactured for low and medium pressure tubing connection work where excessive vibration or tube movement is not involved. Not recommended for application using gas-eous media. •Pressure

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Most basic compression fittings contain a single ferrule. Single ferrule designs minimize the total number of components, and work reliably when fabricated from softer materials (plastic or brass for example). With harder materials like steel however, torque is often transferred from the compression nut to the ferrule as the nut is tightened.

Compression vs. Flared: When to Use Each Type for Brass

Compression outlets typically consist of the pipe, a nut, a compression ring and the fitting itself. The nut and ring are placed on the pipe, then the fitting is placed at the pipe's end. As the nut is tightened against the fitting the brass ring is deformed against the pipe itself, creating a strong seal.

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(The normal air fittings provide 35 SCFM at 100PSI working pressure) Heavy-Duty Material: Coupler is made of brass body and brass sleeve, which features higher corrosion resistance and longer life, plug is made of corrosion resistant steel. Noticeable increase in air flow and stronger than aluminum version.

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With over 20,000 products in stock from a 16'500 square feet hi-tech distribution centre, a bespoke manufacturing service, and a vast range of additional products available from our industry wide contacts, Air Supplies are a leading manufacturer and distributor of fluid and air fittings. Please browse through the full range of products.

The Best Piping System for Your Compressed Air System

01-02-2017· They are not degraded by contact with oils and lubricants. They are also less likely to warp than plastic piping. For these reasons, metal is the most popular choice for compressed air system piping. Metal pipes are more expensive than plastic and some may take a bit longer to install.

Difference Between Steel and Brass | Difference Between

01-04-2010· Difference Between Steel and Brass Steel vs Brass Steel is an alloy of iron, and brass is a copper-zinc alloy. Brass can be cast or machined into everything from candle sticks to gold-imitating jewelry, whereas steel is stronger and harder, and steel applications are more commonly used by construction companies and industries. Steel is cheaper, and brass is more expensive, […]

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02-11-2019· The same air compressor fitting is available in steel and brass, but the steel one is a couple dollars less expensive. Since both seem perfectly functional… I notice a curiosity while browsing the local hardware store. The same air compressor fitting is available in steel and brass, but the steel one is a couple dollars less expensive.

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23-08-2019· Stainless steel is heavy and this can make it difficult to fit. The high cost of this material makes it less common in compressed air applications. Use of Fittings in Compressed Air Systems . Fittings (push-in) are an ideal choice for connecting and disconnecting lines without the use of tools. Our vast selection of fittings includes: Bulkhead ...

Steel vs. Brass Air Fittings : Tools

If it was me, and it recently has, I'd go brass. It won't corrode like steel and if you didn't know the difference between the two I'm assuming that means you aren't going to be the person using the hell out of them, so the durability of steel isn't necessary. 8. level 1. professor__doom.

What's the best thread sealant for compressed air fittings?

06-09-2010· go to your local ace hardware and ask for the pipe dope that comes in. a stick, it looks like a lumber crayon or a kindergarten crayon in a light cardboard tube. it is about the same consistency as as a grease pencil, the stuff is white. and is good for around 3kpsi and higher temps.

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Metal pipe used for a compressed air system can be black iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. with proper thermal/pressure characteristics. Black Iron or Steel Pipe — in compressed air systems will corrode when exposed to condensate (H 2 O) and thus become a major source of …

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08-11-2013· More time is needed to install a compressed air system when using steel pipe compared to installing a system using other materials. One factor behind this is that steel pipe must be threaded in order to join pipes and install the proper fittings. To properly thread steel pipe, you need special threading equipment and skilled workers to operate it.

What Type of Pipe Should I Use for My Air Compressor?

The presence of air compressor oils in the line and heat from the compressed air accelerates the degradation of PVC. These failures, combined with air under pressure, are potentially fatal due to the airborne, razor-sharp shrapnel. It is also an OSHA violation to use PVC for compressed air distribution, which means you could incur a hefty fine.

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2 gas between equipment items. Compression fittings are a reliable and simple method of joining together sections of 3/8 in o.d. tube and connecting the tube to other threaded items. Material Brass Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 103 Adapter 3/8 in o.d. Compression x Male Thread Adapter 3/8 in o.d. x R1/2 2222.0701 Adapter 3/8 in o.d. x R1/4 2222.0704

Brass + steel / CI fittings in an air system - any problems?

17-07-2016· Major issue with CI or steel vs brass is cleanliness. Moisture can rust them and many CI fittings have crud in them. For most purposes probably not an issue but if you are concerned give the fitting a good wash and paint the inside with a sealer.

Difference Between Stainless Steel Valves and Brass Valves

21-05-2018· While a more expensive option than brass, steel is a very durable, resilient metal. While brass is a copper alloy, stainless steel is an iron alloy mixed with chromium and nickel. The nature of the material means that these valves are able to effectively resist leaks. Steel is also able to work in more temperatures than brass and tends to last longer.

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Material: Steel, Brass; Power Source: Air Powered; Installation Method: Screw-In; Number Of Pieces: 12; Measurement System: Inch; Pros: Offers Maximum Pressure Of 300 PSI; Brass And Steel Construction; Great Quality; Cons: Sealant On The Threads May Cause It Not To Fit Properly; 3. PowRyte Brass Air Fittings:

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15-05-2020· Of course, there are many kinds of metal materials that you can use, and each offers certain pros and cons when used to pipe air compressor systems: Black Steel. Black steel is the traditional material in compressed air systems and also the material we most recommend. It is readily available, durable and strong, and many fitters can install it.

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On this pages I'll take a look at an individual compressed air fitting, as well as NPT fittings, metric fittings, tons of information about at all kinds of compressed air fittings on a number of pages on this site in an effort to make fitting identification, and how to select the right fitting for a specific compressed air application, easier for you.

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