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Brass Craft - How to Install a Compression Valve - YouTube

Mar 04, 2011· Video Produced by CVMedia

Brass Compression Fittings, Compress-Align | Parker NA

The captive sleeve is always oriented for correct installation, visible for inspection before and after installation. Parker's Compress-Align fittings require no flaring, soldering or other preparation of tubing.


Double O-rings and a brass compression ring insure a leak-proof connection. Made of solid brass, these fittings are for long, trouble-free service. RadiantPEX-AL Compression Fittings: RadiantPEX-AL Brass Fitting Adapter, Male Sweat RadiantPEX-AL Brass Sweat Adapter, Sweat RadiantPEX-AL Brass MNPT Adapter RadiantPEX-AL Adapter - Press x ...

Compression Fittings

2. Slide the nut, then compression sleeve onto the tube. Threaded end of nut must face toward fitting. When installing a compression fitting on PEX tubing, be sure to use a brass sleeve and steel insert on 1/2 in. OD . Compression Fittings. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. Lea Con Cuidado Todas las Instrucciones Antes de Instalar.

Brass Accessories for Compression Fittings | Parker NA

• Perfect for brass compression fittings adaptation to the installation • Quick and simple to install • Compatible with the Parker Legris range of brass compression fittings • Mechanical properties proven for use in industrial robotic installations Markets: • Packaging • Miscellaneous Manufacturing • Vehicle Assembly Facilities

Using compression fittings to install plumbing fixtures

A compression fitting is the plumbing equivalent of wearing a snap-on necktie... unless someone yanks on it, no one is the wiser! Compression fittings have similar characteristics... they go together easily, but are prone to some "stress-related" problems if you don't choose their applications wisely!

How compression fittings work - YouTube

Compression fittings are very versatile, but many people are not confident when using them. Some people also believe that you need to use a sealing compound ...

Brass Compression Fittings | Parker NA

Parker brass compression fittings are an economical choice for a number of applications including air lines, lubrication lines, cooling lines, and compressors. Compatible with a wide range of tubing, brass compression fittings are easy to assemble with no need for flaring, soldering, or …

How To Install a BrassCraft Compression Valve - YouTube

Mar 04, 2011· Learn how to install or replace a compression shut-off valve (stop). This video is for those individuals seeking the most up-to-date installation information...

Brass Compression Tube Fittings | McMaster-Carr

Choose from our selection of compression fittings, brass compression tube fittings, precision compression fittings, and more. In stock and ready to ship.


Brass fittings for optimum installation adaptation
Available in 1/8" to 3/4" ID
This range of fittings is designed to meet the requirements of the automotive and robotics industries - CNOMO manufacturing quality.

How to Install Compression Fittings - PlumbingSupply.com

The compression nut is tightened clockwise to cause the compression sleeve to be squeezed between the fitting and the nut. As more pressure is applied to the nut, the ends of both sides of the sleeve dig slightly into the pipe on both sides of the sleeve, causing the sleeve to be compressed on to the tubing.

How to Install a COMPRESSION Fitting (PROPER WAY) : 8 ...

Compression fittings are user-friendly, easy to install and have many purposes. These fittings aren't normally used in new constructions but rather, renovation projects. Compression fittings are ingenious because you can use them in places where welding isn't an option. Also, compression fittings can be used on leaky pipes such as broken ...

Lead-Free Brass Compression Fittings - PexUniverse

When installing compression fittings with plastic tubing, pipe stiffening inserts (brass or poly) and Delrin sleeves (O-rings) must be used. Understanding compression fitting sizes: All compression fittings are in OD sizes, meaning that they are intended for use with same OD-sized tubing (copper or plastic).

How to Install a Compression Fitting on a Plastic Ice ...

Dec 28, 2018· The fitting consists of a brass compression body, two brass compression nuts, a set of ring-shaped brass or nylon connectors called ferrules and a pair of small brass …

Compression Fittings Brass - Installation Parts Supply

More About Brass Compression Fittings: Brass is one of the best and most common materials used for making Fittings. Brass as a construction material is an alloy (primarily) of copper and zinc. Brass Compression Fittings are in high demand because of some inherent properties which make them superior to other materials.Brass Compression Fittings are for the conveyance of Water, Hydraulic …


LONG NUT COMPRESSION - Can be assembled on any compression fitting CAP COMPRESSION PLUG Hex A Hex A B A Hex A Part # Size A Hex Approx. Wt. Lbs. List Price 16-090 3/16" 0.57 0.37 0.02 7.98 16-010 1/4" 0.62 0.43 0.02 1.98 BREAK-AWAY NUT A Hex 181-BA 21604 99LB 81LB 161 61-CC N5CT CSP * Note: To buy compression fittings with long nut, simply ...

225.01 Compression Fittings 3.20

When installing a compression fitting on PEX tubing, be sure to use a brass sleeve and stainless steel insert on 1/2 in. OD tube and larger. For PEX installations on 3/8 in. OD tube and smaller, use a plastic sleeve to install. No tube insert required. 3. Slide the compression fitting …

1 Technical - Wade - Our Genius Is Fittings

Wade Compression Fitting Jointing Options Diagram illustrating assembly with Copper Tube using a Copper or Brass Compression Ring This coupling joint comprises a brass body and compression nut and either an annealed brass (imperial '499' or metric 'MUR' type) or copper compression ring. It

Compression Fittings - BrassCraft

Browse Compression Fittings products on BrassCraft.

Brass compression fitting to plastic tubing

When using compression fittings on plastic tubing there is a tubular ferrule that must be inserted into the ID of the tubing . You can find the inserts at any hardware in the same section as the brass compression fittings. It will look like a small tube of brass with a stop collar formed on one end.

Brass Compression Fitting Manufacturers | Sanfitec

Brass Compression Fitting; Brass Plumbing Fittings; Brass Swivel Fittings; Brass Slide Fittings; Brass Press Fittings; Brass Screw Fittings; Brass Push Fittings; By Installation Male Brass; Brass; About SANFITEC Company Profile Quality Control Equipments Certificates Application Garden ...

DIY Central How To Make Water Tight Connections with Brass ...

In any event, buy 5/8″ brass compression fittings for 1/2′ copper pipe, 7/8″ fittings for 3/4″ copper and so on. Make certain to cut the copper pipe square with a good tubing cutter and eliminate any burrs from the outside of the copper tubing with a file, sandpaper, emery cloth, or even the dull edge of a knife.

6 Brass Compression Fittings Installation Tips ...

Mar 04, 2015· Learn how to install a compression fitting onto copper, aluminum, PEX or other plastic tubing.For more information about BrassCraft products, please visit ou...

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