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Viega ProPress and ProPressG Systems Pocket Guide

economical copper pipe installation systems that use modern cold press connection technology for a wide assortment of more than 600 fittings in dimensions ranging from 1/2" to 4". Applications Tubing: K, L and M hard copper tubing from 1/2" to 4" and soft copper tubing in 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameters. All tubing must comply with the ASTM B88 standard.

Apollo Press Products

ApolloPress ® fittings are a proven heat-free method for joining copper tube and provide a clean, easy joining technique that saves time and money on installations.. The ApolloPress ® line of fittings and valves feature pre-lubricated seals and Leak Before Press ® technology to ensure quick and confident connections. ApolloPress ® valves are available in both standard and Lead Free ...

How to Use Compression Fittings With Copper Pipe | Hunker

Oct 01, 2018· Step 3: Install the Fitting. Slip the compression nut from the compression fitting onto the pipe, then slip on the compression ring. Slide both pieces down so they are 1 inch or so from the end of the pipe. Fit the compression fitting onto the pipe (or fit the pipe into the fitting, as applicable) until the pipe stops inside the fitting.

Copper Press Fittings vs Solder - The Home Depot Pro

Copper press fitting is a flameless alternative to soldering copper pipe connections. In this system, a hydraulic tool is used to press specially designed connectors to join traditional pipes. These connectors house a sealing element that, when pressed, creates an even and reliable connection.

Copper Pipe & Fittings - Products | Reece

Conex B Press. Shop the full range of Conex Banninger B Press fittings at any Reece store. For more than 100 years, Conex Banninger has been the leader in plumbing fittings globally. You can even pick up your B Press tool and jaws at your local branch. Our full range of copper pipe & fittings available in all sizes can purchased in store or online.

The Plumbers Handbook - Copper

Copper Press-Fit Fittings ... AS 4809 Copper pipe and fittings- Installation and commissioning. 9 Other Relevant Standards STANDARD DESCRIPTION AS/NZS 3500 National plumbing and drainage ... It is noted that copper tubes are made from the one alloy and are of similar quality.

The Pressing Matter on Copper - Plumbing Connection

Jul 29, 2015· While copper press-fittings can be used in most applications where you would normally use a standard copper fitting there are some limitations. This is because the press-fitting also contains an o-ring and therefore the o-ring as well as the copper needs to be suitable for the temperature, pressure and medium that is flowing through the pipe.

How Do I Ensure that I Am Getting Quality Copper Tube ...

Copper Fittings Standards. ASME B16.18. Cast copper solder joint fittings. ASME B16.22. Wrought copper solder joint fittings. ASME B16.26. Cast copper flare fittings. ASME B16.50. Wrought copper braze joint fittings. ASME B16.51. Copper press-connect pressure fittings

Why Use Press Fittings? Top 5 Benefits of Press Fittings ...

Mar 09, 2017· Copper Press Fittings, like Viega's ProPress series, are a relatively new alternative to traditional pipe connections. While these fittings provide a plethora of advantages, the most well known advantage comes from their faster installation. When paired with a powered press tool, such as a Milwaukee Force Logic model, ½" to 4" connections take less than 30 seconds of preparation and […]

Copper Sweat Tube Fittings | McMaster-Carr

Solder these fittings to copper tubing or the tube end of another fitting for a permanent, leak-tight connection. They are also known as sweat fittings. Fittings have good corrosion resistance. To adhere to safety standards for drinking water systems, use fittings that meet NSF/ANSI 61, EN 1057, or DVGW GW 8 (P).. Copper tube size is the accepted designation of the copper tubing industry, not ...

The BEST 25 Copper Pipe Tips & Tricks EVER! - YouTube

Jul 04, 2019· Here are the BEST plumbing tricks when working with copper pipe ever. These tricks took me almost a DECADE to learn and I am giving them all to you, enjoy!Ch...

Copper Pipes, Copper Pipe Fittings, High Quality Pipes

Here at Monster Plumb we offer a wide selection of copper pipes and copper pipe fittings in a range of sizes, so there's no need to shop around, we have all you plumbing essentials right here including End Feed Fittings (8mm - 28mm), End Feed Fittings (35mm - 108mm), Compression Fittings …

The Most Common Types of Copper Piping

Nov 20, 2020· Type K Copper Pipe: Type K copper pipe has the thickest wall of all the common types.It is used for water distribution, fire protection, oil, HVAC, and many other applications in the construction industry. Type K pipe is available in a rigid and flexible form and can be used with flared and compression fittings.

Pipe Fitters Handbook - pipe-valve-fitting.com

HISTORY For over 150 years, Anvil has been a trusted name in piping solutions by consistently providing quality products, service, and support to the PVF industry.

Press-Connect Joints for HVACR Applications - Copper

Press-Connect Joints for HVACR Applications Advances in press-connect and O-ring/gasket material technology are now such that press-connect joining is being utilized for high pressure HVACR applications rated up to 700 psi operating pressure (see Table 14.4b). To achieve high pressure performance, press-connect fittings for HVACR service utilize one, or a combination of several …

Cerroflow.com copper tubing and other products

*Lead Free refers to the wetted surface of pipe, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have a weighted average lead content ≤ 0.25%. Source: California Health …

The BEST 25 Copper Pipe Tips & Tricks EVER! - YouTube

Here are the BEST plumbing tricks when working with copper pipe ever. These tricks took me almost a DECADE to learn and I am giving them all to you, enjoy!Ch...


PREFACE All 40 years of m y working lif e, I spent on erection of diff erent process plants most of which were oil indus try projects in the country and abroad, in Europe and North Africa.

Why is plastic pipe better than copper or is copper the ...

Plastic pipe seems to becoming cheaper as copper keeps rising, however the cost of the fitting for plastic is very expensive and as an overall can sometime work out cheaper. At the moment the cost seem to be similar including the fittings. Depending where you but the pipe and fitting either one or the other can work out more expensive.

Joining Copper pipes part 3. Press-fit - YouTube

Mar 16, 2015· Part three of our mini series looking at joining copper pipes. Todays focus is on Press-fit fittings, and how to use them.

Fittings | NIBCO.com

Shop for Quality and Selection. The extensive line of NIBCO ® fittings represents a history of innovation and quality engineering. The promise of quality is backed by the NIBCO warranty, customer service expertise, specification and selection assistance. Spec a job, find your distributor, get catalogs and submittals, place and track your order.



How to ProPress Copper Pipes (Pros & Cons) | GOT2LEARN ...

Mar 24, 2019· In this video, i'll show you all you need to know about using the Pro Press system, why you would want to use it and so much more.Here's the Milwaukee compat...

Copper and Copper Alloy Press-Connect Pressure Fittings

This Standard establishes requirements for cast copper alloy, wrought copper, and wrought copper alloy, press-connect pressure fittings for use with hard drawn seamless copper water tube conforming to ASTM B88 for piping systems conveying water. The press-connect system (tube, fitting and joint) conforming to this standard is for use at a maximum pressure of 1380 kPa (200 psi) over the ...

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